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The paper 'Local, State, County and Federal Law Enforcement" discusses that the federal police are trained in vast areas of ensuring they have the best training in the course of their duty. There are many points to note from the federal police as they have different training for working positions…
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Local, State, County and Federal Law Enforcement
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Law enforcement has a number of agencies that are responsible for controlling the country. This involves aptly trained personnel in charge of their various jurisdictions. They have to amply give their services in regard to their places of work. To begin with, there are law enforcers depicted as county police. The county police have jurisdiction in the county. However, some areas only have sheriffs replacing the county police. The county police have their stated full service, limited services and restricted services (Dempsey & Forst, 2011). This includes services to unincorporated county area, contractual police services in districts, providing full security to county facilities and national parks. Similarly, county police have to provide some road patrol duties and provide municipal police support. Their training is equipped to ensure they have the best qualities in providing county security. They are rated amongst the low ranked in regard to payments.
The second law enforcers are the state police. The state police are mandated as a statewide government agency deemed to provide law enforcement in the state. They are regarded to provide the best services in line with investigations and state patrols. They are widely used in the state in different positions, including game wardens, conservation officers, campus police, capitol police and state hospitals (Dempsey &Forst, 2011). Their training is widely complex as it includes serving the state in different capacities. Their remuneration package is better than that of the county police as they have a wider jurisdiction in the country. There was a consideration of moving from one state to another since they have wider training.
The third arm of law enforcement is the federal police. The federal police are mandated to ensure the country is in a solidly secure state. According to the United States Code, the federal police have full federal authority to authorize and enforce the law at various federal levels.  Read More
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