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Vote is the right of choice of every citizen of a country, which a citizens uses during elections. It is a basic civil right of every individual. However, a person should be educated and mentally fit in order to be able to vote for his or her favourite personality…
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Should we allow all to be able to vote
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Vote: Right of Every Citizen Vote is one of the basic rights of every citizen. “In America, every single adult citizen is entitled the right to vote” (Lowe). Voting makes a person know his or her importance in the process of elections because the representatives are selected on the choice of people, which is a real democratic process. Voting note only injects a sense of responsibility in a person’s mind but also makes a person contribute something to the nation by giving vote to the most appropriate person. Should Every Person Vote? It is a common debate in many countries that whether everyone should be allowed to vote or not. “The right to vote in these United States is at once both our greatest privilege and our most important responsibility” (Guss). The governments of every country should allow everyone to vote because it is a civil right of every person. However, there should be a test to separate educated voters from the dumb citizens because education injects a sense of awareness in the minds of the citizens. Without having an understanding of all political and social affairs, a person cannot make a suitable decision during the process of voting. Education makes a person aware of who is good and who is not suitable for the vote.
The role of the test can be very important in judging the eligibility of a person to vote. The test should include a small general knowledge test along with political knowledge test in order to know whether a person has some awareness of the country’s political affairs or not....
If a person does not pass the test, he or she should not be given the right to vote because vote is a very important responsibility which plays a critical role in improving or harming a country's progress. If a government gives the right of vote to every person without judging their political knowledge, it can adversely affect the country’s progress in the long run. Therefore, a test of all citizens before elections holds great importance in the entire election process. The test should also be able to judge some other important aspects, which include, age of a person, learning disabilities, criminal charges, citizenship, time spent in the country, political opinions, and religious views. According to the laws of the United States of America, the age of a person should be at least 18 years because this is the age when a person becomes fully aware of different aspects of life. A person should also be a resident of the country where elections are going to take place. Moreover, there should not be any sort of criminal charges on a person who is going to vote in elections. It is because a person having criminal mindset can never think positive on any important matter. Criminals and murderers should not be allowed to vote (Leigh). In some states, former prisoners are still not allowed to take part in voting (Clark). According to the Civil Rights Act of 1964, there should also be a literacy test for every individual. People with mental illness should also be excluded from the process of voting because they are not able to think properly on any specific issue. There should also be some rules regarding minimum stay of a person in a country where elections are taking place. It is important because stay in the country injects patriotism in the minds of the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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