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The Public Choice Account of How Power is Exercised in Public Policy - Essay Example

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This essay begins by providing a brief background of the theory of public choice. After which, it will look at the core arguments posited by public choice theorists, from which it will tease out assumptions made about power vis a vis public policy in the context of elections…
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The Public Choice Account of How Power is Exercised in Public Policy
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Download file to see previous pages It is worthwhile to clarify some concepts that will be used throughout the text. it is imperative to first define what we mean by “public policy”. It is crucial to view public policy not simply as that which is reposed in written statute, but as Gerston put it, the “combination of basic definitions, commitments and actions made by those who hold or influence government positions of authority” (2010: 1) as well as an ongoing process of decision making by a variety of actors, the ultimate outcome of which is the determined by the content of the program being pursued and by the interaction of the decision makers within a given political administrative context.” (Grindle, 1980: 5.).
At the heart of a public choice, a theory is a critique of the conventional notion of politics as a conduit towards the common good and the assumption that democratically-elected leaders – by the simple expedient of being voted by the majority – serve common interests. This conventional notion draws heavily from Jurgen Habermas, whose discourse, to quote Salhan (2003: 60) “affirms a democratic politics that harnesses communicative power in the form of law for purposes of regulatory countersteering against commercial power (without succumbing to commercial power”.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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