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Gender Diversity Initiatives in Contemporary Organisations - Essay Example

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The emphasis of this essay is on gender diversity initiatives in organizations, and for the intentions of this paper, analyses of organizational integration include analyses of the extent of women representation in various levels and sectors of an organization …
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Gender Diversity Initiatives in Contemporary Organisations
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Download file to see previous pages Nevertheless, earlier studies have failed to examine the effect of HR processes on organizational performance with regard to features of the human resource group (Deb 2006). Consequently, very few studies on the effect of gender on the economic performance of organizations are available.
Successfully managing gender diversity in organizations is a growing but essential task because of the way gender influences organizational performance. The rationale for encouraging a multicultural workplace and diversity is rooted in the argument that such practices promote improved decision-making methods and outcomes, develop innovation and creativity, and boost organizational effectiveness. The organization can totally maximize its diverse human potentials to maintain its competitiveness and satisfy conditions of equal opportunity in the workplace.
Although there is an abundance of literature which discusses the cultural and structural obstacles in male-dominated organizations that prevent women from taking part in an equal opportunity employer, few studies particularly explore the impact of this gender gap on women’s retention in these organizations. Indeed, until in recent times, the subject of retention has been given slight emphasis in SHRM literature, a tendency reflected in the workplace, with companies just starting to express a heightened concern for retention and the function of HRM in retaining major employees (Coyne, Coyne, & Lee 2004). This is a confusing finding due to the wealth of literature which examines the roots of deliberate employee turnover, the trend producing the retention subject in organizations. Moreover, despite increasing studies which show how gender generates various experiences and outcome in organizations, quite a few studies have explored the roots of deliberate turnover and the retention challenge through a gender-focused perspective (Cleveland, Stockdale & Murphy 2000). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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