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Household Management by Isabella Beeton - Article Example

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In the paper “Household Management by Isabella Beeton” the author analyses the article, which reflects the domestic details of the Victorian era. Traditionally, the household affairs, the kitchen and the brought up of the children were considered to be the sole duty of the womenfolk. …
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Household Management by Isabella Beeton
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Extract of sample "Household Management by Isabella Beeton"

Download file to see previous pages The other virtues that should be adopted by her are: early rising, cleanliness, frugality and economy, choice of acquaintances, care in building friendship, hospitality, a careful conversation with friends, maintaining good temper, to follow fashion in terms of clothing; buying dresses or apparels within the means and status of one’s husband; charity and benevolence; bargaining while purchasing things; maintaining housekeeping account book; hiring competent and honest servants. A guide to the annual wages of domestic servants is also given by the author.
This shows that a woman is in command of all the expenses of her household, which she should spend with care. The bread earner in the Victorian Age was always a man: father, husband, brother or son. Since men took care of all the financial matters, therefore, women were assigned the job of looking after the household and the children. If women did not have the liberty to opt for a profession, she enjoyed a great deal of liberty in running the affairs of her household.
By maintaining a housekeeping account book, it is clear that she knows the basic calculation and she can analyze the expenditures and savings on a monthly or yearly basis. The writing was considered to be an art. The importance of words and the choice of words in speech or letter were immensely important. The language and the tome of the speaker relayed a lot. The Victorian society emphasized a lot upon formal speech and writings. This is why the language of this era is so rich and refined. A piece of writing of that age can take one, back to the times of the cultured ladies and gentlemen who conversed. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Household Management by Isabella Beeton Article.
(Household Management by Isabella Beeton Article)
Household Management by Isabella Beeton Article.
“Household Management by Isabella Beeton Article”.
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