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Beeton posits that to ensure the well-being and happiness of the children, the mistress of the house, should ensure that the children know that the house is their safe place. She should do this by ensuring that the house provides a relaxing environment of comfort both to…
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Assignment 9
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Advice for the well being and happiness of children Mrs. Beeton posits that to ensure the well-being and happiness of thechildren, the mistress of the house, should ensure that the children know that the house is their safe place. She should do this by ensuring that the house provides a relaxing environment of comfort both to the mind and body, filled with interesting and agreeable past times to ensure the children always turn to their house whenever they seek happiness.
She goes further to state that to make the house the happiest place for the children is the “choicest gift a parent can bestow”. This is because the children will then always turn to their parents with any issue that tends to bother their young minds. This promotes wholesome growth physically, emotionally, spiritually and socially which is essential for the child. “It ought therefore to enter into the domestic policy of every parent, to make her children feel that the home is the happiest place in the world”
Is Mrs. Beeton a feminist?
I agree with the scholars who call Mrs. Beeton a feminist because her thought process portrays a woman who seeks to clearly define and defend the equal social, cultural and economic rights of a woman. We see this when she likens the mistress of the house to the Commander in Chief of an army by saying that the woman is the leader of the house who should perform her household duties now that the man is off looking for work. She ranks household duties by the woman and work by the man as equal, thereby making the both of them of the same stature in the chain of command hierarchy in the house. “as with the commander of an army or the leader of an enterprise, so is it with the mistress of a household. Her spirit will be seen through the whole establishment: and just in proportion as she performs her duties intelligently and thoroughly, so will her domestics follow in her path.”
She believes that it is equally as important for the woman to show leadership in the house, both to her children and her servants, who will then follow the good example she sets for them and become better from it. She goes on to state that good leadership which was previously provided by the husband is now being provided by the woman because the man is not at home most of the time.
Tone of Fichte’s address
The tone of Fichte’s address is one of revival and renewal. He is directing his sentiments to the German public whom he wants to reaffirm their status as belonging to a unique and special identity that should not be cowed by any forces, political or otherwise. He seeks to remind them of their rich history, in the hope that it will move them into action against the Napoleonic forces. “it is only by the common characteristic of being German that we can avert the downfall of our nation which is threatened by its fusion with foreign peoples. And win back again an individuality that is self supporting and quite incapable of any dependence upon others.”
Organic Unity of Germans
When Fichte speaks of the organic unity of Germans, he is referring to their nature, hopes and desires as a race. He states that this is characterised by their ability to always remain as one, to always be able to call upon the other both in times of happiness and hardship. He states that despite what they go through, they always find a way to come back to their neighbours. “in the spirit of which these addresses are the expression, I perceive that organic unity in which no member regards the fate of another as the fate of a stranger. I regard that unity (which shall and must arise if we are not to perish together) already achieved, completed and existing.”
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