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Is It Important for Children to Feel That They Fit in - Coursework Example

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The paper "Is It Important for Children to Feel That They Fit in" states that a child’s concept of self depends, to an extent, on what one thinks that others think about oneself. Even at very young ages, children recognize the importance of the concept of “fitting-in”. …
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Is It Important for Children to Feel That They Fit in
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Extract of sample "Is It Important for Children to Feel That They Fit in"

Download file to see previous pages A child’s self-concept or the perception of oneself affects every aspect of life, including relationships, functional abilities and health status. Since no two people have an identical self-concept, this perception makes each individual child unique. It is in this regard that this essay is written to answer two relevant questions: (1) is it important for children to feel that they ‘fit in’? And (2) how can practitioners support the development of a sense of belonging? In answering the first question, the following concepts would be addressed: (1) the nature of “fitting-in”; (2) the importance of “fitting-in” in children’s lives; (3) the relationship between identity development and self-esteem; and (4) the impact of labeling on identity development and belonging.
On the other hand, the second question would be addressed by showing how practitioners’ understanding of the concept of belonging relates to practice. This can be appropriately presented by identifying strategies that practitioners can adopt to support good practice including the development of resilience among children.
For children, the first experience which exposes their perceptions of being in a social environment is their first interrelationships in school. According to the psychologist John Dewey (1934, 1939) “social interactions were an essential stimulus for any individual to learn”. Mendizza, in his Transpersonal Vision of Parenting, defines fitting in as “conforming to beliefs and behaviors accepted by the culture. Survival means belonging to the club. Personal development is measured in terms of fitting in.” (p.1).
Children recognize the importance of “fitting-in” from the reactions they elicit from other people. Wilder & Collins (2008) averred that “many children need feedback about the impact they make on others so that they can make informed choices about the impact they may wish to have” (p.66). Due to children’s awareness of the importance of the concept of “fitting-in”, those children found to be socially deviant are advised by practitioners to hone their social skills by applying specific strategies that develop fitting-in behaviors.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Is It Important for Children to Feel That They Fit in Coursework.
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