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On the importance of friendships design a - Research Paper Example

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There are few negative behaviors such as enmity, conflicts, and other bad features. The quality of friendship has direct social effects on the growth and…
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Research paper on the importance of friendships design a research
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Download file to see previous pages High quality friendship reduces the tendency of a person being shy or being withdrawn. As a proverb says “A friend in need is a friend indeed.” This means that friends help and share what they have with each other. A person growing in a high quality friendship, learn these pro-social behaviors.
(Demir & Weitekamp, 2007). Therefore research needs to be done to find out the importance of friendships in one’s life. Friendship is related to happiness but not much is known about what friendship brings in the happiness of an individual (Demir & Davidson, 2013). Study on sex difference is mainly based on societal, parental, and biological influences. It is important to consider on how friends affect the way individual cope with stress, how they bring happiness and many more (Rose& Rudolph, 2006). This research will help you understand the effects that friends can have in all the stages of your life. Mostly friendships go unappreciated but there is a role played by friends to determine the direction of our lives.
It is important to know that friends affect the way we live, work or school. Briefly these are some of the reasons why friends are important in our lives. We can get important skills from our friends. Some of these skills are necessary for us to be successful in life. For instance friends can sharpen your mind, they can help you understand yourself better. Knowing you strength and weakness help you to decide what kind of career you can pursue at every stage of your life. You can comfortably achieve your goals in life. With friends you will be able to meet and chose your love partner and have a healthy and happier life. When you start your learning process, friendships start from there. Childhood friendship plays an important role in your life because this is the time when significant growth and developmental changes occur. A child acquires some important life ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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