Illustrate how a positive communication climate contributes to sustaining social, personal, and professional relationships - Essay Example

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This climate might exist between people who could be familiar with one another, or not. Communication can exist only if the parties involved have the same level of…
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Illustrate how a positive communication climate contributes to sustaining social, personal, and professional relationships
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Positive Communication Climate Sustaining Relationships Positive Communication Climate Sustaining Relationships A positive communication climate is the right condition that exists between people who are communicating. This climate might exist between people who could be familiar with one another, or not. Communication can exist only if the parties involved have the same level of understanding between them. A positive communication climate, more often than not, leads to the growth of very important friendships, and relationships. Without it, the existence of the few friends that are present in everyday life would not be there. Families and other relationships would not have the time and patience to grow without this important aspect (Segrin, 2005). This paper will review the importance of a positive communication climate to individuals irrespective of the relationship that they may be having.
In sustaining personal relationships, positive communication climate enables one to feel valued in a relationship. This means that for those in a relationship, the purpose of open communication leads to a better understanding. This creates an avenue for the sharing of intimate thoughts, and ideas for the relationship to blossom (Segrin, 2005). Often, they communicate in a manner that shows affection to the person they are communicating with, and the language is often courteous. The interaction between them could be verbal and/or non-verbal, but it has to be very respectful.
Professionally, a good communication climate can lead to the formation of a very conducive working environment. Being involved in the decision making process can enable the subordinate stuff, or employees to feel appreciated, and valued. There, however, should be a line between the employer, and the employee (Troester, 2007). This ensures that each and every organization has effort accountability. Showing support and encouraging fellow workmates can improve this professional relationship.
Socially, people will get to communicate, and interact much more often. Approaching someone can be a very hard task, especially if they are new to you. However, all this can change if people were confident enough, and exhumed an aura of good nature around them. Everybody wants to know, and find a loveable person. This is hard nowadays as everyone is interested in doing their own thing, and finding means, and a way of survival (Troester, 2007).
Considering personal relationships, it is very easy to meet new people (Wood, 2010). This is due to technological advances made over the past decade. Friendships have been made in social networking sites that exist today. Friendships grow with some of the people meet here, and they sometimes follow the developmental stages of friendship. At first, there is the initial encounter with someone. This is either due to the same things they might have in common. Then there is the spending of quality time which aids in trying to understand if they could be true friends. At this juncture, there is no sharing of information since they have not known each other that long.
The third stage is where the relations move onto another level. There is the sharing of intimate details and information, thoughts, secrets, and interests. The fourth stage involves each person setting their own rules. Certain lines are drawn to ensure that they do not rub each other the wrong way. The stabilised friendship stage is the phase where the friendship is determined to survive. Trust is created in this stage where one party can count on the other to be there in their time of need. The last stage involves sustaining the friendship. As people get to different phases in their lives, different focus is needed. This is where the friendship might begin to wane, and finally die or ultimately strengthen.
In comparison to developing a friendship online, getting to know someone physically is much more appealing. Online relationships can be false. This is due to the failure of one, or both parties to be completely honest with the other. Face-to-face ensures that every party is sure of what they are getting themselves into.
In conclusion, friendships can be developed and sustained simply by providing a positive communication climate. This can ensure that a person is loveable and approachable by anyone. To create such a climate, it may take some time, but it is possible. Getting someone to trust, love and appreciate another is not that difficult. People need to take their time to find an easier way to create, and maintain relationships in their lives. This will, in turn, ensure that people are much closer in the end (Wood, 2010).
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