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DIALOGUE - Essay Example

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Name Institution Course Instructor Date A Liquid Life and Social Networking Transform What Friendship Means. Introduction Friendship besides lacking survival value, it is among the things, which add value to human survival. Many people globally have made friends electronically both abroad and internal…
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Download file to see previous pages... So many friends of ours sometimes are hurting in the things they do to us. For that reason, two may show up to be the best friend in public but in reality, the two privately detests each other (Giddens, and Griffiths, 2006: 143). Sometimes a show of unity, friendship and teamwork does not in reality, symbolize that the involved are actually friend. This paper will represent a dialogue in the form of a script, between two theorists, Michael Foucault, and Anthony Giddens. The dialogue will actually, be based on the theorists’ theoretical views on friendship. Anthony Giddens: In fact, friendship between people rewards many individuals, but to others, who lose it take it as punishment. It is a fact that, many people repeatedly find agreement with views of their own to be really rewarding. Michael Foucault: Yeah…! Anthony Giddens: This reward indeed, favors sentiments between rewarders, and the rewarded (Giddens, and Turner, 1987: 72). Withdrawal of friendship is the first punishment to group members who violate their norms. In addition, people especially the scholars should actually recognize the common sense to be frequently a psychologically ethical behavior although many implications of psychologically behavior normally go beyond common sense. Nancy Chodorow: Giddens you are right! I am worried that nowadays people have confused almost the understanding of every term. Looking at friendship, to me it is a general word that is used to express love among two or more individuals but many have a negative take on it (Grabher, 1992: 91). . Michael Foucault: In fact, you are all right. Let I first give you a definition of friendship. Friendship refers to an act of representing ample forms of prevailing interpersonal relationships. This definition really overstates the voluntariness in it (Descharmes, et al, 2011: 357). This view emphasizes that friendship associations substitute kinship ties in societies of the Euro-American among older adults because it is, adopted partly in accounts of sociology. Anthony Giddens: Very true Mr. Michael! Nancy Chodorow: True. Michael Foucault: Arguably, personal freedom of selecting relationships and friendship is imperfect than not as it appears. This is because in social setting, friendship relations developments trails rules and is affected by the relationships that are broader, like the ones established on the age and gender, that drives above the individual levels. Anthony Giddens: It is also good to know that rituals are very important in structuring of a relationship because they are the results of categorizing and routinization. Nancy Chodorow: If I might ask, what do mean by categorization, Giddens? Anthony Giddens: Categorization is the process of structuring that emerges out of negotiations of people over how typifying one another and their relationships (Giddens, and Turner, 1987: 182). Grouping each other process and relation facilitation by each other promotes treatment of people to others with non-persons attitude. Michael Foucault: Right. Nancy Chodorow: Yeah…! Anthony Giddens: In addition, categorization or grouping helps people in avoidance of time and energy occupied in finely tuned and sensitive signaling and interpreting. This leads to a smooth proceeding of their interactions across time and space without re-discussing who should be where. Michael Foucault: Distinguishingly, it is good to add that friendship is a social relationship of mutual appreciation and relative ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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