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Household Food Waste in the UK - Essay Example

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This paper is a case study of household food waste in the United Kingdom, that was carried out in the month of May 2008. This was done by WRAP and a report done to ascertain the findings of the study. In the month of May 2008, a WRAP comprehensive report was released, entitled “the food we waste”…
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Household Food Waste in the UK
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Extract of sample "Household Food Waste in the UK"

Download file to see previous pages It aimed at giving a statistical representation of samples across Wales and England to come up with a determination of cost and mass of food waste. From July 2007, 2,715 households that were in a questionnaire that asked for background data that is socio-demographical, home composting, waste collection habits, recycling experiences and some perceptions towards UK waste food. After four weeks, waste from the municipality from 2138 households was put together, sorted, weighed and put into 13 groups of food (check Appendix B) and the categories of food stage (see Figure 2)
Annual food waste mass for all homes in the UK was calculated through average mass by the type of household. That is, households shared, of singles, related adults and that one that is related to children. The researchers allocated cost with mass in grams according to a set mean price for all identified food items. The analysis was focused on cost and mass of waste that is avoidable.
6.7 million tonnes, which are equivalent to 14.5 billion Pounds or (18.8 billion Euros2) of food are always disposed of in the UK every year. This stands as a 20% representation of all domestic waste that is generated in the UK. For the reason of WRAP’s report, it was divided into three major categories:
Products that are discarded but still within their dates at the day of sorting analysis, add up to at least 8.3% of food waste that is avoidable under which drinks, condiments, and confectionaries have the greatest portions. The top three items on the list of food that is wasted in % of mass are:
The main difference between avoidable and total food waste in the vegetable category is caused by inedible parts and peelings (see Figure 4). Despite, potatoes turn out to be the food items that mostly appear in the vegetable category, which is ranked second in food waste that is avoidable after bakery. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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