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Plastic Pollution, Recycling - Annotated Bibliography Example

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Moreover, there is a lot of information about the link between plastics, in various forms, and their effect on the environment. It discusses the use and application of…
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Plastic Pollution, Recycling
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"Plastic Pollution, Recycling"

Download file to see previous pages There are also various chapters, in the end, that discuss the recycling of the plastics, as well as thermal treatment. Newly found technologies that have been adopted in plastic manufacturing to alleviate the environmental cost thereof, have also been discussed in the book.
This book is very relevant to the research, as it not only discusses the manufacturing of plastics, but also the problems caused to the environment by their use, as well as the methods in which they are recycled and manufactured, with a discussion of how to minimize the environmental cost.
Curlee, Randall T., Haber, Sujit, and U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Plastic Wastes: Management, Control, Recycling and Disposal (Pollution Technology Review). Norwich, NY: William Andrew, 1992. Print.
The main subject of this book is the plastic wastes that are most common in the Municipal Solid Waste (MSW). This book also discusses the industrial plastic wastes. What makes this book stand apart from the rest is the fact that the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) also took part in it actively and is credited amongst the authors. The authors not only discuss the usual topics of the wastes produced, their amount and the environmental effects or costs of such wastes and their recycling, but also takes such factors into account as the cost of the recycling the technology needed for recycling and, what is even more interesting, it touches upon the factor of energy in this regard; how much energy is needed to recycle and how much energy is utilized and if it is efficient to recycle in the present scenario.
This book is very relevant to the research as it discusses various relevant topics, not only is it directly linked with discussing the pollution that plastics caused, but it talks about the various recycling costs. The book can be utilized while researching for a cost effective recycling process as well as a guide for the present costs ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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...further “species extinction and the associated loss of biodiversity” (Park 2001: 540). The overproduction of non-biodegradable products plus the harmful ways of waste disposal have greatly damage the global environments. The mounting plastic waste materials thrown into the sea are causing deaths of many marine animals and endangering human safety. (Coulter 2010: 1959) In short, recycling helps reduce pollution and save energy (Saddleback 2009: 4). The fourth one addresses the waste crisis. Landfills are no longer solutions but a problem. For example, there is no enough space for London to landfill its waste, not to say its landfills’ historical record of inadequate environmental...
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... recycle the paper is by using it in the compost. Old papers can be put in the discarded food items so that when they decay, they form the compost. Concluding, recycling is the basic need of the present age. Everything can be recycled including the trees, cars, and papers. A very good and effective way in which each and every one of us can play a role in saving the natural resources is by recycling things and using the recycled things. Also it helps in saving the environment from pollution. If we care about our future generations, we will have to start taking measures today. Works Cited: “How to Recycle Paper.” 2011. Web. 27 Nov. 2011. recycle-paper.html>. “The Importance of Recycling and How We can... ? 28 November Recycling...
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...and every time consumers engage in recycling used products, they contribute to minimizing environmental degradation. In terms of improving efficiency, the government needs to view recycling of wastes as an alternative among other measures appropriate in enhancing the recycling process. In this sense, the government needs to consider switching to other measures that assist in environmental conservation. Other than recycling waste, there are many other pollutants that impact negatively and at higher magnitude compared to the plastic waste. In order to implement a more efficient environmental protection program. The government needs to...
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Recycling well as governmental organizations have created supplemental curriculum for teachers to fill this void. Literature Review Recycling involves processing used materials into new products to prevent waste of potentially useful materials, reduce the consumption of fresh raw materials, reduce energy usage, reduce air pollution (from incineration) and water pollution (from land filling) by reducing the need for "conventional" waste disposal, and lower greenhouse gas emissions as compared to virgin production. Recycling is a key component of modern waste reduction and is the third component of the "Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle" waste hierarchy....
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Recycling is necessary that packaging is encouraged and such materials are used which are lighter in terms of weight and such systems are developed through which packages are either returned or collected for recycling after their sorting. There is also a need that every country promotes the concept of recycling and packages that are made of recycled materials. Through this system the environmental pollution can be somewhat controlled and the issues be minimized.16 The packages from food material contain contaminated substances, which are difficult to recycle so they need to be disposed off. Hence, for this reason, plastic is mostly compared...
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...various recycling goals seen to range from a high of 70% in Rhode Island to a low of 20% in Maryland. Thirteen states in the United States now require that newspapers be produced with a certain percentage of recyclable content with another fifteen states now having in place voluntary agreements for the inclusion of recycled newsprint in newspapers. Six of the country’s states now require that glass and plastic have a certain amount of recycled content while thirty-one states including California and Oregon are now using various tax incentives so as to encourage their citizens to recycle. Four states have now gone ahead to create offices...
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...Recycling Plastic Recycling of plastics has always been low despite plastic being used the mostin almost all parts of the world. This is attributed to people not paying specially attention to them and discarding them with the rest of the trash hence avoiding them being properly sorted and recycled. A study by O’Connor, et al, (2010) carried out in a university found out that it was easier for people to recycle plastics when there were plastic recycling specific bins located in or near the classrooms as this was more convenient for them to remember. The reason...
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...of things’ (117). The main contribution of this source is that it provides details on how the human wastes can be turned into useful products like fertilizer. Its difference with Allenby, B.R., and D.J. Richards’ The Greening of Industrial Ecosystems is that it mainly centers on human wastes. However, they are similar because they condemn any pollution and advocate for a clean environment. Besides, the Greening of Industrial Ecosystems only centers on green economy. thus, we used the book to solve the problem of how human wastes can be effectively managed to attain a green economy. This shows that the book is a very useful one. So, when conducting a research on recycling, it will have to be used as one...
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...Recycling This paper highlights a general effort to quantify the benefits of recycling in relation to environmental protection, sustainable development and on the improvement of social consequences. For decades, there have been efforts to minimize the adverse impacts of pollutants on the human health and the environment. Important progress on the recovery and recycling of the waste products has been of significance to the bio-system and on human development. Such development meets the needs of present generation without compromising the ability of the future one. This work focus on the phases, and the positive values related to recycling. An understanding...
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...Plastic Pollution in California Introduction Pollution has always gotten debated in many forums worldwide and thus any form of it has been termed to be unacceptable. Plastic pollution is one such sort of pollution that has being spotlighted in many jurisdictions such as California. The state of California has been a pioneer state for instance by introducing trends that the entire country later follows. However, it is difficult to determine if the same will happen in the case of plastic bags (Freinkel 166). For many years, oceans and other water bodies have been the dumping sites for many residential, industries, and...
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