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Lighting for households - Essay Example

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Lighting for households has always been a tight balancing act between providing adequate light and providing enough protection from both the elements and from burglars and most people prefer to go with the latter. The result is that the rooms are poorly lit, and therefore, one…
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Lighting for households
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Extract of sample "Lighting for households"

Household lighting Lighting for households has always been a tight balancing act between providing adequate light and providing enough protection from both the elements and from burglars and most people prefer to go with the latter. The result is that the rooms are poorly lit, and therefore, one cannot work well under such poor conditions. To make maximum use of the light received people have to make a few adjustments to their households.
The houses should have a skylight, sun tunnels or roof windows in cooperated into their designs. This will not only play a role in allowing natural light into the room but they are also stylish (Beacon Lighting, 2014). Some like the roof windows act as a means of ventilation, these are relatively cheap to buy and easy to install.
Electrical fittings can also be used to provide additional light at night. Instead of using bulbs with a high watt, more bulbs should be used to give an even spread of light. It would be better if the bulbs were changed from a single pendant to fitting one with multiple arms. Table and wall lights should also be installed to provide light and illuminate dark areas. Table, wall and floor should also be installed to improve the quality of light at night. The houses should have white ceilings and light or white walls as this will make the room appear brighter due to reflection of light around the room (Trade Lighting Company, 2014). Illuminating the ceiling and the top half of the room will make the room appear brighter. The fireplace can be used at night to provide additional light as well as heat.
Quality of light that gets into households can be improved by doing the simplest and most inexpensive of things, therefore, it is recommended that; curtains should be secured and tied back from the windows to prevent obstruction of the sunlight (Almeida, Bertoldi, and Ricci, 87). Secondly, curtains that blocks light should be avoided since that translates to less light in the room and thus poor lighting. Net curtains should also be avoided since they block the light instead, shades should be fitted
The shades and fittings used on the windows greatly influence the amount of light that goes into the house, therefore, they ought to use shades and fitting that will allow and direct light into the house. Ultimate concern should be considered to ensure that the shades do not shield light, but they prevent glare (Almeida, Bertoldi, and Ricci, 90). In addition to this, the windowsills should be white rather than using dark colors since white reflects the light unlike other darker colors that absorb it. Lastly, the furniture that is used in the rooms should be of a lighter color as this will reflect the light unlike dark colors that absorb it.
Effecting the changes mentioned above does not require a lot of capital nor manpower since the community can be involved in providing labor required to build the houses. In addition, the materials that are found locally and have been used to build houses previously may be used with a few alterations to the skylights and the extra bulbs but in the end, it should be worth the effort, time and money.
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