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The paper "Workforce Discriminations" states that the developments of women are hindered by three elements: (1) varieties of educational training, (2) feminines encounter career interruptions, and (3) women can work minor weekly hours (Galbraith 45)…
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Workforce Discriminations
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Feminine is underrepresented in the stipendiary workforce, in both advanced and developing nations (Aguero and Marks 500). However, their number in the workforce is proliferating since the 1970s (Euwals, Knoef and Vuuren 729; Aguero and Marks 500; Bugra and Yakut-Cakar 517), especially in most Western European nations (Yerkes 696). This paper seeks to discover why women in the workforce are usually outnumbered by the number of male workers. The theories and contingencies will be discussed in order to fathom why such an issue emerged and unresolved.
2.0 Review of Related Literature
Pundits have argued that workforce discriminations are not owed to gender itself, but can be ascribed to the general truth that feminines are doomed to the accountabilities linked to bearing and raising children (Aguero and Marks 500). In fact, the plurality of business practitioners from varied organizations perceived that staffing women can improve the individual employee’s performance. They believed that a manifold labor force can furnish superior services unto the final consumers. Significantly, these practitioners believed that women can better fathom consumer’s necessities (Fleury 1999; Mueller 1998; Wentling and Palma-Rivas 2000, qtd. in Rahman, M. Hussain, and B. Hussain 85). Further, female corporate directors are proliferating leading to conclusive remarks that their cooperation in boards is manifested to be significant (Catalyst Group 2004; Rose 2007, qtd. in Srinidhi and Gul 1610). On the other side, literature has embedded a limited proof that racial discrimination, specifically skin color, has an impact on full-time employment contingency in a stationary environment (Akee and Yuksel 400). One significant discovery pertains to the decreasing number of females in the IT labor force owing to unconscious prejudices held by IT managers (Collett 33).
A proliferating ratio of women is obtaining higher education from 1970 to 2008 (Sherrill 1). The prime factor under the category of interruptions is the childbearing; this triggers women to switch to a part-time job after having children (“Why Women Suffered” 2). In fact, this is not considered a barrier since, nowadays, a country like Germany has commenced implementing policy to alter family subsidies, having a double objective to augment fertility and to develop incentives for feminines to revert to the workforce after childbirth (Bergemann and Riphahn 17).
Literature has generated top 10 indicators of a traditional organization and four of which are associated to feminines: (1) less than 10% of board members are feminines, (2) less than 30% of managerial positions are women, (3) feminines hold the immense majority of “low-paid, non-career-track jobs,” and (4) assignments manifested as extremely risky or not applicable for feminines (Galbraith 46).
3.0 Conclusion
The greatest truism that is attributive to a woman’s hindrance to her career is the blessing that is coming from God--which only women can bear a child. However, this named hindrance is breakable since women can still penetrate the workforce and their number is constantly-incremental and proliferating nowadays. Read More
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