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As the IS planning of Clarion- Milwaukee becomes more complex, it will be important to seek consistently out fresh ways of making strategic decisions. In that regard, the project should include a continuous evaluation of the computer-based methodologies. This is imperative so as…
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Case Study: Making Information Systems Investments
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Case Study: Making Information Systems Investments al Affiliation Developing a detailed outline of a long-range informationsystem plan for Clarion Milwaukee
1. Statement of precise objectives
As the IS planning of Clarion- Milwaukee becomes more complex, it will be important to seek consistently out fresh ways of making strategic decisions. In that regard, the project should include a continuous evaluation of the computer-based methodologies. This is imperative so as to attain the primary objectives of ensuring efficiency, as well as integrity. Further, the role played by Clarion IS management should be evaluated and also redefined with respect to the changes in technology.
2. Analysis of current and future environment, including business, information technology, and user information
A particular planning framework must include a master IS plan that entails the identification of the strategic issues of the school as well as the development of the infrastructure necessary for planning to cater for the future. The senior administration must be engaged in the major attention being given to techniques that facilitate the involvement and support of the top management.
3. Proposed information technology action plan, including hardware, applications, personnel, network, and facilities
The primary system (still 1998 version) needs to be upgraded to be in line with the current technological changes. The staff needs training in order to ensure that the system is not as underutilized as at present. An efficient telephone system must also be put in place. The general shortage of personal computers should be addressed.
4. Resource and funding need justification
The current system is underutilized and extremely inefficiently distributed. Further, the employees don’t understand much about the system use, not forgetting how much importance is attached to emails and reports. This means that sufficient training must be done in order to ensure that all the users are comfortable with the system use. This will go a long way in increasing the efficiency and effectiveness. There aren’t enough personal computers- a situation that needs to be remedied as soon as possible (Brown et al. 2012)
5. Implementation plan
One of the most important projects includes acquisition as well as implementation of new information system in order to replace the AS/400, the relevant software, hardware, and apps. A project plan should be put in place, and the key personnel assigned to handle the associated tasks of installation, testing, training and offering support services to the systems.
6. Organizational change
There is an urgent need for an IS manager. His or her major responsibility will include management of the computer networks, telephone systems, and personal computers. The IS manager will also be responsible for evaluating and implementing the IS training need and reporting to the Controller. The IS manager should have education background and experience in information science and computer science (Crepeau et al. 1992).
7. Training
Training is also a critical part of the project. Proper training, as well as support, must be offered to the personnel regarding the usage of the new IS (Austin et al. 2009). Since the biggest challenge of the old IS was underutilization, training should be done to eliminate the element in the new system. The training needs must be customized since not every person will be using every application. Every user must be motivated and adequately trained to use the new system. They are more probable to make use of it if the applications are tailor-made to their specific needs and if they are prepared accordingly.

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