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Manuscript Draft and Proposal - Coursework Example

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The paper is intended to proffer current practices on performance appraisals in public organizations and to present comparative findings and recommendations that will, hopefully, lead to improvement in employee morale and performance.

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Manuscript Draft and Proposal
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"Manuscript Draft and Proposal"

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All across the country supervisors have been evaluating their employees on a regular basis. These evaluations often become ground or justification for granting a raise, promotion, retention, or even termination. In the case of termination, or denial of promotion, objectivity becomes of paramount importance.

Performance appraisals or evaluations are crucial element of the maintenance function of human resources management. Through it, the employee should receive one’s due share of benefits in terms of remuneration, rewards and sanctions, psychological motivation, wholesome and safe working environment, among others. Performance appraisals are supposed to encourage continuance and stability, not only of the workers, but also of managerial personnel from the frontline to top management.
The paper aims to examine and evaluate various practices and policies on performance appraisal systems and procedures as revealed by diverse authors whose researches have been published in peer reviewed academic journals. Likewise, the discourse hereby aims to proffer relevant issues that emerge on performance appraisal as a relevant organizational concern affecting both managers and employees.
Diverse peer reviewed academic journals in the area of public personnel management and administration were evaluated in terms of determining parallel issues on the dilemma faced by both supervisors and employees when subjected to the process of performance evaluation. The preparation for the paper required significant reviews, analysis and evaluation of diverse secondary information on performance appraisals in public organizations. The results of reviewing academic journals on the subject are proposed to be presented in the following structure: a presentation of the major dilemma on performance evaluation as seen from two points of views: that of the employees being evaluated, and from the perspective of the managers or supervisors doing the ratings. Concurrently, there were studies that indicate a significant impact of receiving low ratings on employees in terms of future career plans and paths that employees choose to take and the effects on alternative decisions that face the employees: the decision to leave; to seek reform; to stick with the organization; to drop out, or wait for better opportunities. Other relevant concerns such as the benefits of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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