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Having an interest of understanding historical figures and activists that contributed to the activism of the African Americans, Malcolm X proves to be an interesting…
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Request For Proposal
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Request for Proposal Introduction Malcolm X is one of the influential individuals whose activism was significant in the early 20th century. Having an interest of understanding historical figures and activists that contributed to the activism of the African Americans, Malcolm X proves to be an interesting subject. In a bid to understand the specific contribution of Malcolm X to black activism, an intensive research will be carried out that will consider Malcolm X as a case study. Therefore, after a rigorous research process, enough information on the specific contributions of Malcolm X to black activism will be made available. The research will take place in the next two weeks following the defined steps of undertaking a research project.
In order to carry out an effective research on the identified subject named Malcolm X, the initial step is selecting both the primary and the secondary sources that offer relevant information concerning him. After identifying the relevant sources through an effective appraisal technique, consultation with the different sources will follow in a bid to gather information that will be used in developing a rough draft of the research paper. Prior to writing the rough draft, an outline will be developed to serve as a guideline in defining the core ideas of the paper. After developing the rough draft, it will be presented to the supervisor for approval. If approved, the rough draft will be used in writing the final research paper (Terrill 67).
In order to undertake my project successfully, I will rely on the help of certain individuals who will play critical roles in ensuring that I produce a quality research paper. Notably, it is difficult for an individual to produce a quality research paper while working individually. Therefore, seeking professional help as well as soliciting ideas from colleagues is critical. One of the individual who will be involved in developing the research paper is the supervisor. After identifying my subject/topic to be explored in the research paper, his approval will be needed. Moreover, the supervisor will take the responsibility of reading the rough draft, making corrections and presenting recommendations on improving the quality of the paper. Librarians will also form significant contributors to the success of my research project. This is because their help in identifying the relevant materials to be used as references will be an integral part in the initial stages. Notably, developing a quality research paper requires primary sources and the librarians will ensure that I have access to such sources. Consultation with colleagues in a bid to solicit ideas on the content of a quality research paper will also be considered. Therefore, colleagues will form part of the individuals who will ensure the success of the project (Terrill 83).
When venturing into any activity, it is critical to define the timelines that will determine the accomplishment of the defined goals. In this case, the steps involved in writing a research paper about Malcolm X will take two weeks before completion. The following chart presents the schedule that will be followed (Terrill 98).
Research Proposal
Generation of a Bibliography
Development of an outline
Writing the Rough Draft
Approval of the Rough Draft
Writing the Final Paper
Approval of the Final Paper
The figure above represents the calendar for the entire project (Timmreck 152)
The primary goal of writing the research paper will be the compilation of information about Malcolm X and his contribution to the black activism as well as his roles in the Nation of Islam in the early 20th century. Assessment of different steps of writing the research paper will be carried after the completion of the every individual step. The supervisor will have the responsibility of assessing and approving both the rough draft and the final paper. Successful completion of the paper will be defined by the presentation of a complete and detailed paper that highlights all the main points on Malcolm X.
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Terrill, Robert. The Cambridge Companion to Malcolm X. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2010. Internet resource.
Timmreck, Thomas C. Planning, Program Development, and Evaluation: A Handbook for Health Promotion, Aging, and Health Services. Sudbury, Mass: Jones and Bartlett, 2003. Print.
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