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Concept memo or a letter [this mini- , which can be an expanded formal targeted at a specific Request f - Research Proposal Example

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Concept Memo / Mini Proposal Author: Date: MINI PROPOSAL This proposal has been prepared in response to Pollution Prevention Grant Program for fiscal year 2013. This request for proposal was published by and pertains to U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Office of Chemical Safety and Pollution Prevention, Office of Pollution Prevention and Toxics and Regional Pollution Prevention Program Offices (US Environmental Protection Agency, 2013)…
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Concept memo or a proposal letter [this mini-proposal, which can be an expanded formal proposal targeted at a specific Request f
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Extract of sample "Concept memo or a letter [this mini- , which can be an expanded formal targeted at a specific Request f"

Download file to see previous pages Basic requirements The Pollution Prevention (P2) grant program has been initiated by aforementioned authorities for funding projects that aim at promoting environmental protection and reduction of waste emission. This program acknowledges the need to control number of lives that are lost each year to harmful social and environmental evils. Many business operations have devastating impact on our environment and health of people in surroundings. Pollution, gas emissions and contamination are common consequences for any business activity, which affect life expectancy of people across the globe. It is high time that several projects shall be initiated, that are dedicated to addressing these grave concerns and guarantee effective positive results upon completion of them. Businesses must become part of this program and promote awareness of environmental concerns and adoption of source reduction techniques (Norfolk and District, 1996; Blomquist, 1994). To cater this, a project has been planned to be initiated that provides technical assistance in designing measures of preventing pollution at the root source only. Offered solutions This project shall facilitate on-site training and education of employees for moving radically towards greener side and being more environment-friendly and health-conscious. It will provide learning opportunities for key personnel to conduct change management effectively within their organizations promoting positive attitudes and awareness for environmental footprint of business activities. Programs and events shall be arranged to educate the masses and create awareness to gain public support. Major objectives of this project include substantial reduction of carbon gas emissions and discovery of alternatives for factors of input that are either unsafe or otherwise have sustainability concerns. Heavy and thorough research is planned to be carried out to find new methods and horizons which enhance environmental performance of business and radically convert conventional business processes into pro-environment practices. Focusing on hazardous pollutants that are used in or result from business activities, this project aims at saving forests and trees, condemning chemical processes that increase carbon dioxide or greenhouse gas emission and running pressure groups to promote usage of low carbon-emission vehicles polluting our environment. Implementation plan A detailed plan of implementation has been developed to achieve the planned outcomes from this project. Significant funding shall be required for conducting in-depth research for finding alternate methods and material (Kegler, et al., 1998). Various market surveys and interviewing techniques shall be deployed to collect vast amount of data and statistics from diversified sources. The project will require essential information regarding activities that cause carbon emission, costs involved, strong environmental and social stances taken by various green organizations, ways to improve efficiency of material having sustainability concerns, other projects working towards similar goals and other vital data that may be required from time to time. Thereafter, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Concept Memo or a Proposal Letter [this Mini-Proposal, Which Can Be an Research.
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