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Why Are Cosmetics So Attractive to Adolescent Girls - Speech or Presentation Example

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The paper “Why Are Cosmetics So Attractive to Adolescent Girls” is a report on the study about the peculiarities of using cosmetics by teenagers. The author shared the features of the personal presentation of the report to the audience, the specifics of the questions and comments of the audience…
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Why Are Cosmetics So Attractive to Adolescent Girls
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Extract of sample "Why Are Cosmetics So Attractive to Adolescent Girls"

Download file to see previous pages I feel that my aims and objectives were simple but relevant. Young girls’ self-esteem usually plummets as they reach adolescence because it is the time when they are developing their own identities. The research question opens up to a world of possibilities in terms of topics to discuss in the literature.
The literature review provided much information about the topic at hand and more. It is comprehensive enough to cover the history of cosmetics, societal influence on women to look good, the beauty myth propagated by media and other media influences, adolescence and some theories that relate to the building of their self-esteem.  All these come together to explain some possible answers to the research question for this study.
The use of questionnaires and focus group discussion will allow me to delve deeper into the issue with actual adolescent girls aged 13 to 17. I will get the opportunity to hear their insights first-hand as they discuss within a group the following questions:
- Do you use cosmetics? If yes, which ones? -
- How often do you use cosmetics?
- Why do you use cosmetics?
- How do you feel when you use cosmetics?
- Do you use cosmetics with your friends?
- How do you think people see you when you use cosmetics?
- What do you think you can get out of using cosmetics?
Right now, it seems so easy because I am only visualizing it, but I am sure that there will be several challenges along the way such as seeking the necessary permissions to conduct the study or dealing with uncooperative participants.
In terms of preparation, I guess I failed to anticipate what I would feel in front of an audience. My stage fright was terrible but it was good that I had a small audience of people I knew. It was also great that they were so supportive. I think it is because they can relate to my situation because each of us had our turn presenting.
I need to learn to be more confident in speaking. I know being prepared with my talk is a must, but I should learn to loosen up and be more candid, be open to whatever possibilities that may arise during my presentation. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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