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Beauty Matters - Research Paper Example

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Name of the Student Business Name of the Concerned Professor 15 August 2012 Beauty Matters Most of the people associated with business in an academic or professional context do many a time wonder as to the role an individual’s looks and beauty play in one’s professional success…
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Beauty Matters Research Paper
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Extract of sample "Beauty Matters"

Download file to see previous pages Though the article is of universal interest, the intended audience is certainly the professionals associated with the business world, who are willing to walk an extra mile to accrue professional success. Pragmatically speaking the rhetoric approach of the writer in this article is objective and deductive though highly selective in terms of sources, scarcely intending to take advantage of the emotions of the readers, methodically supporting each premise with the related studies accompanied by apt academic citations, exploring each aspect of the physical attractiveness and its pecuniary impact on professional achievement, and eventually leading to a conclusion that objectively flows from the studies mentioned by the writer. The introductory paragraph is certainly quiet engaging, which alludes to the general perception that attractive people happen to be more successful, supporting it with the associated statistical surveys, thereby accruing the reader interest, without mentioning strong or opinionated views (Croucher 1). Hence, the introductory strategy of the writer is to catch the popular interest in the issue under consideration, to elaborate on the popular perceptions by bolstering them with the appropriate public surveys and then to proceed with the article in a more systematic and elaborate manner. The writer factually mentions the impact on professional success of the varied attributes of what is generally mentioned as physical attractiveness, like looks, height, physical proportions and weight, and sexual appeal. The crux of the factual catechism attempted by the writer is that not only attractive, taller, well proportioned people earn more than the less attractive or moderately attractive people, but they are also perceived to be more considerate, helpful, talented, intelligent and romantically desirable by other people. Yet, the rhetoric approach of the writer is marked by many strengths and weaknesses. Apparent objectivity has certainly endowed the article with much credence. Citation of the appropriate studies and statistics makes the argument sound much factual and academic. The writer explores the idea of attractiveness in much detail, referring to its varied attributes and the quantitative impact they have on professional success and remunerations. Nowhere the writer seems to be biased in favor of a particular opinion. The conclusion naturally flows out from the varied academic and scientific studies mentioned by the writer. However, the biggest lacuna of this article is that it delves on the issue of attractiveness and professional success in lop sided manner. The writer tends to mention and discuss only those studies and statistics that could automatically be expected to lead to the conclusion that attractive people command more professional and worldly success. Not an iota of attempt has been made to mention studies that refer to a contrary opinion, though many such studies and academic opinions do exist. For instance as per Cleveland, Stockdale and Murphy, “… guidance, coaching, counseling and friendship are keys to success (Cleveland, Stockdale & Murphy 258).” Besides, the writer fails to take a stand on or discuss the ethical implications of the premise that attractive people command more professional success. He simply and in a matter of fact manner mentions the fact that attractive people are favored in business. However, as per Dipboye and Colella, favoring attractive people in business and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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