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Venezuelas Significance in the World - Research Paper Example

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The paper "Venezuelas Significance in the World" describes that people have different stereotypes towards Venezuelan people and tradition. The stereotype includes Geographical, cultural, and behavioural, though all of them are not true they are based on individual perspectives…
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Venezuelas Significance in the World
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Extract of sample "Venezuelas Significance in the World"

Download file to see previous pages Like most of the other cultures on the earth, Venezuela is also a very much patriarchal society. Men and Women have equal status by law. Various laws of the constitution have tried to preserve the rights of women. Among them are right of equal pay for equal work (article 91), right of violence-free life (International Convention against Discrimination against Women (Article 21), and right to protection and public assistance during maternity (article 76). Many policies have been passed that promotes gender equality and women benefits. Regardless of the legal provision, the status of women is not up to the mark in Venezuela. Culturally yet the mindset of considering woman inferior is still there in Venezuelan society. The modern trend of gender equality coming from North American culture is still striving to be part of socially and culturally accepted gender norms in a conventional scenario of gender discrimination. Though legally women are equal, they cannot enjoy equality and liberty while living their life. The differences are still there in the form of wage-earning and sexual freedom. Venezuelan girls and women are very much conscious of the traditional norms of female beauty. One more major aspect on which the paper throws light is the censorship in Venezuela. On paper or by constitutional provision the press is free or every citizen has a freedom to express their thoughts or expressions fearlessly but still, the government has imposed restrictions on media. The paper thus discusses the censorship issues in Venezuela. The paper also studies the educational system of Venezuela and the global status of the country and the new trend in education. The paper further discusses the family and values and their influence on individual life. In short, the paper is thorough research on Venezuela, one of the smallest but significant countries on the world map. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Venezuelas Significance in the World Research Paper.
“Venezuelas Significance in the World Research Paper”.
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