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The Peculiar History of Foot Binding in China - Research Paper Example

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This research paper "The Peculiar History of Foot Binding in China" aims to illustrate the reality of this claim that women are still in the present world engaged in myriad activities which seek to make them as beautiful as possible for the pleasure of men. …
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The Peculiar History of Foot Binding in China
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Extract of sample "The Peculiar History of Foot Binding in China"

Download file to see previous pages When people are treated unequally, injustice is to be seen which can sometimes take very gross form. The exploitation of Chinese women by way of fostering a foot-binding culture is one example of that. It makes this argument that women have always been handled by men like submissive automatons more emphatic especially given the way women were made to bind their feet for the male gaze. The purpose of this research paper is to explore the resemblance between foot binding in China and modern-day practices, both of which seek to spread the ideology of male dominance in society by the objectification of women. The following discussion will prove how ancient practices like foot-binding and modern culture influence women in the same way because they are both equally manipulative.

According to Schiavenza, foot binding in ancient China was a highly debilitating practice. It remained in vogue for about ten centuries. Research has recognized it as “a problem of Chinese culture that called into doubt the whole of Chinese civilization” (Zito 8). Schiavenza mentions Pearl Buck in his article to stress how painful this practice of foot binding was for women. Buck discusses that he met a Chinese woman in 1923 who had bound feet. The woman told him how she cried for three days without eating anything to have her feet unbound because apparently, Chinese women could not unbind their feet by their own choice (Schiavenza). Their feet or their bodies were literally not theirs. Rather, they were the property of manipulative societal ideals designed by men much like how today bodies of women in fashion and media belong to the powerful people who control them. More discussion on this will be included later. A large population of Chinese women at last in the early 20th century began to show signs of resistance against this painful practise due to growing social awareness (Schiavenza). Actually, the societal makeup of China then was of such kind that it reinforced the ideology of male dominance.   ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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