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How Is Children's Play Affected by the Television - Essay Example

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This essay "How Is Children's Play Affected by the Television" deals with the objections and agendas of the television and its effects on children’s play. …
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How Is Childrens Play Affected by the Television
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Extract of sample "How Is Children's Play Affected by the Television"

Download file to see previous pages The mastermind behind this visionary invention was the 20-year old German university student Nipkow, who proposed and patented the first electromechanical television system in 1884 (Okamura 1994). And Nipkows spinning disk design is credited with being the first television image rasterizer. This is how the idea was born and from the crudest of its state to today’s ever-changing and never stopping technically upfront, state of the presentation of the communication has made further contributions to society. Apart from scientific, educational, and many other issues, television has made a high voltage social issue this time; that is the effect on the juniors of the society itself, whose ancestors made this very communication system.
Henceforth, the paper deals with the objections and agendas of the television and its effects on children’s play. Pondering on the contemporary society, gone are those days when young ones used to ask elders about the pros and cons of this system device and how to connect oneself with the communication of distance. And at further younger level; their childhood pals, green meadows under the open sky, lonely allies, community parks, and playing fields were much dearer and used to beckon them. Coming back to the hardship of the present time, those empty spaces have become shorter and it is seldom the fat old middle class will find a garden in front of the house. Society has become much more confined and rejecting the horizon it has chosen the vertical limit of dwelling as it climbs their dreams up. With the rapid expansion of city life the living space is becoming smaller for most. That is why the existing younger of the families are coming under the background effect of television when it is watched by the elders. Back home the most voluntarily done act of most of the elders is ‘watching TV’. Studies in pediatrics have long advised that children under two years of age should not be exposed to television, while children above two should have their tube time limited to one to two hours a day. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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How Is Children's Play Affected by the Television Essay.
(How Is Children'S Play Affected by the Television Essay)
How Is Children'S Play Affected by the Television Essay.
“How Is Children'S Play Affected by the Television Essay”.
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