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After the successful completion of a Masters at FS, I will be fully equipped with the necessary skill-sets to set out on the career I have desired for so long. 10 years from now, I see myself in the banking industry, a field holding a lot of promise for a visionary like me…
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Letter of motivation - business school
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Where do you see yourself in business life and in society 10 years after completing a Master?s at FS? After the successful completion of a Masters at FS, I will be fully equipped with the necessary skill-sets to set out on the career I have desired for so long. 10 years from now, I see myself in the banking industry, a field holding a lot of promise for a visionary like me. I would most likely be on the structuring team, or the asset management team of an international bank of good repute. Such an ambition requires a profound knowledge of investment products, trading, sales and markets, along with strategic thinking and great team management skills. I have endeavored to incorporate each and every one of the mentioned qualities, and have molded my character traits to suit the profession I seek. During my internship at HSBC Trinkaus, in Equity Derivatives Marketing, I had an excellent opportunity to analyze the derivatives market, structure new certificates and deal with customer enquiries. I would still like to work in such an area ten years from now, but then, as an executive. Owing to my internship at DWS International, in the Equities division, I have earned a great deal of expertise in analyzing stocks, constructing portfolios with derivatives and their optimization. This opens another portal for me in the investment industry that offers a very inspiring and challenging work environment, where I picture myself in a leadership role. I have always strived to be an asset for the society I live in, and will always continue to do so. It is my firm belief that ethical behavior and a humanitarian approach in one's profession make a lot of difference to the society. Being in the financial sector, I envision myself pioneering developmental works in third world countries, most probably through well structured microfinance. Ten years from now, I would achieve a respectable and awe inspiring position, with my commitment towards the financial and economic betterment of society. 2. Please describe your professional interests and explain your reasons for wishing to study at FS. I have a fascination for financial markets ever since I dealt with stock market simulations at school. Enrolling at Goethe-University in Frankfurt further added to my knowledge and interest in economics and finance. My bachelor thesis covered Hedge Fund strategies in general and statistical arbitrage in particular. The techniques I learnt at the university expanded my understanding of daily trading routines, like option pricing and GDP forecasting. In spite of it all, I still feel that there is a lot more to learn in order to survive in this challenging global marketplace. I find Frankfurt School's mission to "advance and disseminate sustainable international business practices in finance and management" very appealing, as it reflects my own goals. The Master of Finance academic programme at this business school will add perfect value to the career I wish to nurture. The course on Capital markets as part of the study programme is particularly attractive for me, as risk and asset management and structured products are my main areas of interest. I am looking forward to a more detailed and practical approach towards advanced interest rate models, stochastic and management approaches in business. I greatly cherish the practical and goal-oriented teaching concept of Frankfurt School. Here, I will have the advantage of studying in smaller groups, unlike public universities, ensuring a better learning experience. Such an advantage will steepen the learning curve, translating theory into real-world business solutions. I prefer an active exchange of thoughts and ideas in class, and have always participated in discussions directly. At Frankfurt School, I expect to find such an environment. In my zeal to start on an executive career, I feel that enrolling in Frankfurt School of Finance & Management is the only logical step. Well known for its practical approach towards student training and with an excellent international reputation, FS has now become my top-most priority. The study programme, here, will open better job avenues for me, both international and domestic. It will be my license for a rewarding career in international banks and global intermediaries. Assessing the importance of intercultural connectivity in today's global work environment, I have incorporated intercultural communication as part of my core competencies. My journey around the world has greatly helped me in achieving such a trait. I wish to use these skills in London and New York, apart from other popular business destinations to further my career. With a Masters from Frankfurt School of Finance & Management, I will be ready to take on the business world, with better skill sets and financial craftsmanship.  3. What will be the benefit for the Frankfurt School if we admit you? I have always been admired by colleagues, both at the work place and at college, for my innovative, and 'out-of-the-box' thinking. I transform ideas into real assets, as proven by my thesis and achievements. I describe myself as a problem-solver, always resourceful and ready to take on challenges as they come. I am sure that such traits are greatly welcome at Frankfurt School. I have a burning desire and intense motivation to achieve excellence in everything I do. Manifold internships have enhanced my capabilities, and I have a lot to give, in terms of intellect. I have a strong passion for the banking sector, and this combined with my vast experience as an intern and as a student, will prove to be highly beneficial for my fellow students Frankfurt School. I will be an active participant in the university's mission, and will prove to be highly resourceful and diligent. I founded an investment club, and took its chairmanship in the summer of 2007. I preside over meetings and lead the portfolio selection process. This will be helpful for the school's own investment club, and I will prove to be a great asset for the team, through my experience and active participation. There is a lot more that I would like to discuss, and it would be a pleasure to do so in a direct meeting or an interview. Read More
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