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Strategies for Motivating People in Non-profit Organization - Term Paper Example

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A leader is supposed to influence his or her followers towards realization of a pre-determined and shared goal. This leadership influence is often considered positive in the sense that it encourages people to act or behave in a…
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Strategies for Motivating People in Non-profit Organization
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Extract of sample "Strategies for Motivating People in Non-profit Organization"

Download file to see previous pages For instance, the number of employees working within an organization partly determines how easy the organizational leaders can motivate them. Additionally, the type of organization also plays a role in how managers motivate employees. In for-profit organizations, employee motivation can be linked to the profits made in that employees are rewarded depending on the amount of profits they are able to raise. However, in a non-profit organization, this may not be the case because such organizations do not seek profits. Instead, non-profit organizations often perform philanthropic work based on volunteerism (Rexhaj, 2011). Therefore, employees within non-profit organizations may not be motivated through compensation/salaries.Moreover, the specific motivation strategies adopted by organizations could add to this complexity. There are multiple motivation theories that organizations may adopt. Each of these theories has its principles, advantages and disadvantages. Depending on they type of motivation theory that an organization adoptsapplies, the complexity of implementing it varies. Despite these factors, this paper focuses on the role of growing diversity in the workplace and how this affects strategies for motivation in non-profit organizations. The paper argues that growing diversity in non-profit organizations calls for multidimensional approach to motivation.
The paper is organized into three main sections. The first part, introduction, provides an overview of the topic and the thesis. The second part, the body, provides the main discussion of the paper. This is the longest part and will be divided into different sub-sections. Finally, the conclusion will provide a recap of the main points from the discussion, restate the thesis, and provide concluding remarks.
Before delving into the main discussion about how growing diversity influences motivation strategies in non-profit organizations, it is worthy to understand what non-profit organizations are and what ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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