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National Issue - Research Paper Example

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An Ambitious Phenomenon Lacking Support of Masses Introduction Working hours is a very complex and critical issue in social sciences because it can have far reaching affects on human nature, life and can exert extensive impact over the national and international economics…
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National Issue
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Download file to see previous pages The first and far most important consideration in this connection however, remains the worker and his needs. The needs are subjective and may have a variation of meanings for various cultures and individuals. The technological advancement and a change in human life style have a profound impact on working hour averages in first world countries like United States of America. The fast pace life of these social setups require specialized solutions for issues like maximum hours that an employee should work to earn his livings and to ensure the maintenance of social system. Despite being personal in nature the issue is no more a private concern and living societies have to address it in a collaborative and collective manner. The communal effect of the issue makes it a candidate for legal authenticity and legitimacy. However, Fleck (2009, p.3) has wisely inquired, “The number of hours individuals work stimulates debate on the quality of life in an international context: do some societies live to work while others work to live?” 40-Hours Week a Balanced Approach The human history in terms of labor rights protection has not been very bright. Specially extended working hours from the emergence of industrial revolution have received the stanch criticism of social reformists. “The widespread poverty and harsh labor and living conditions of the working class spurred those interested in economic and social reforms to develop new ideas to change how the industrial society functions” (Weiner, Mark & George, 2008, p.36). Apart from any idealist stance we have to acknowledge that the standard of 40-hours week is a not only acceptable but a balanced approach to address the concerns of all stakeholders. The presence of two extreme end workers in this age of globalization; those working more then 40-hours a week and a majority working below this limit, still suggest that 40-hours work week is the balanced, wise and practical approach to the issue. However, there is a need to bridge the gap between two extreme end workers. Amendments and improvements should be suggested to bring into effect a harmonized system with more comforting arrangement for the working class while keeping the working hours cap at 40-hours a week. A Social Indicator A debate on the suitable limit for maximum working hours is essentially a debate on the standard of life people enjoy not only in local context but in the context to other nations of the world. The international organizations constantly review their statistics in this regard to establish the living conditions in a society and issue reports that are largely referred to gauge the standard of life in a particular region of the world. It may be surprising for many people that American workers work more hours than their European counterparts. “The OECD data series showing that U.S. workers work more hours per year, on average, than their European counterparts appears to be slightly inflated because of differences in sources and methods, but the difference is nonetheless real.” Fleck (2009, p.27). Despite some inherent biases, the comparison has international acceptance and should be honestly used to learn our lessons as liberal nation. “The evidence presented in this article confirms that biases are inherent in data sources used to measure hours worked.” Fleck (2009, p.27). We have to decide whether the Fair Labor Standards Act 1938 can still govern ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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