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The Impact Of Social Support On Children's Mental Health - Case Study Example

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The term mental health covers a wide range of difficulties that individuals may encounter throughout their lives. The paper "The Impact Of Social Support On Children's Mental Health" discusses the perceived declining mental health of the nation’s children and adolescents…
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The Impact Of Social Support On Childrens Mental Health
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Download file to see previous pages The ONS (2006) defines mental health disorders as a set of clinically recognized abnormal behavior and symptoms, which cause the individual extreme distress and distortion to their everyday lives. These crippling problems cause great suffering for the individual and severely affect their ability to function in everyday life. However, these disorders do not manifest overnight. They are usually brought on slowly and have roots in childhood (Ahrons, 2004). Therefore, if British children are already suffering from mental health difficulties, then as an adult they will have a high chance of these problems continuing or reoccurring.
As has been reported in the media (USAtoday, 2008; The Times, 2008; BBC, 2008) British society seems to be letting down their children, as they are reported ‘the unhappiest children in Europe’ (UNICEF, 2006). Other research has implied these same results (Alexander & Hargreaves, 2007; Porthouse, 2006). Research published in Porthouse (2006) stated that John Bradshaw has shown that British children were more unhappy than most of their European counterparts. This led to a flurry of research on the matter. Bradshaw’s report (Porthouse, 2006) and later ones from UNICEF (2006) have suggested that Britain is one of the worst places for child health, that British teenagers have the second lowest score for their hopes and ambitions for their future careers and employment prospects. The UNICEF (2006) report covered six main dimensions including material wealth, family relationships and peer relationships, education, the child’s subjective understanding of their well-being, all brought together to present an encompassing picture of British children’s lives. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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