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Participatory art involves numerous factors such as constant creative thinking and brainstorming. The assignment that was given to us in class required several days of collaboration, brainstorming of ideas and putting them in a clear and concise fashion. I have long been interested in fashion, design, and textiles. …
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Project concept : Fashion
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PROJECT CONCEPT ART 4920 Collection and list of all our ideas Brainstorm ideas that are associated with fashion Research on current trends and the philosophy of fashion Engage in thought process of moral or ethical conflicts that might clash with our fashion. Research about different types of clothing in different cultures. For instance: sari in India, jeans in America, Robes in Saudi Arabia, etc Film/record how people are perceived by others while wearing different clothes Associates with two different texts to offer to people, after they choose make a photo and draw conclusion about personality. Distribute t-shirts with different texts on them Ask people “what does fashion mean to you?” and write the answer on a white t-shirt that would be than given to the person that answered the question Initially we did not intended to buy the clothes ourselves 2. Final decision: Ask the audience to wear certain clothes or accessories they usually do not wear for a period of three days. The people involved in the project would than be interviewed about how they felt and whether any changes occurred as they wore different attire Strengths: we are young women interested in fashion and we both come from the same group as our target audience. We are determined and we had a broad understanding of fashion While shopping, we knew which clothes were considered to be vulgar. Timeframe: for the whole project we would need around two full months – because we do not have much time we will select a small sample. Acceptance: we accept difficulties in convincing people to participate. Budget: we would need to invest in clothes, accessories, photo printing, and portfolio. The small budget limited us with the variety of clothing we could offer to our participants. 3. Concept: a. Title: “who are we?” b. Intention: Do clothes modify the inner personality of an individual? c. Description: We intend to involve a sample size of 30 to 40 people depending on how many people were willing to participate Ask them to wear different clothes and accessories for 3 different days (a different style than what they usually wear) Each day to take their pictures wearing those clothes Followed by an interview that would help us record their impressions Make them record their feelings, attitudes, and reflections in a personal blog Give them feedback on how people perceived them Assist them in gaining confidence as they wore clothes in the public. Observe the behavior of peoples’ reaction to a particular type of clothing d. Target group: young student from Webster Vienna They have difficulties finding their inner personality They like to try different things, but they are also easily influenced by society Sample size was 30 to 40 students Students should have some sort of training on how to display their style as they walked in the streets Students were also encouraged to see the reaction of the public We chose to target Webster students because it is easier to approach them than other young students on the streets and variety of different cultures and nationalities can lead us to interesting conclusions A diverse background would help us understand why different cultures have different clothing If the project will be successful it can be organized in every Webster campus and it will be interesting to compare results We would describe them our intentions and ask if they would be willing to participate e. Message: clothes can affect our behavior, the way we fell, they way we are perceived… f. Exact timeframe: for up to 2 months we would try to engage 30 to 40 people in our project. We would simply ask students during our school days. If they are not available, we would ask for their time during weekends. g. Realization of the course project: We would realize our course project at Webster Vienna by using a sample of 4 people. Difficulties: we cannot supervise them 24 hours We had hard time tracking all the participants We were not fully aware that all participants understood our motives for this project Budget allocation Plan B: just ask friend – we can spend more time with them and see how it goes h. Form of presentation: Photos that would also include quotations from the interview Sound – the recording from the interview Portfolio with printed out photographs Maybe invite some of the participants to class Participatory art involves numerous factors such as constant creative thinking and brainstorming. The assignment that was given to us in class required several days of collaboration, brainstorming of ideas and putting them in a clear and concise fashion. I have long been interested in fashion, design, and textiles. Thus, I decided to develop my project in this direction. First, I thought of the current society and the trends that individuals possess in each society. Second, I tried to find any moral and ethical reasoning behind my ideas. Third, I focused my attention on different audiences. As soon as I had clear image of possible projects, ideas flooded my mind. At this moment, Sylvia joined the group and we exchanged the ideas. Due to time constraints, budget allocation, and limited amount of workforce; we had to narrow down the list of topics that resulted through our collaboration. The project idea was to make numerous people change their traditional method of dressing into a radical one for three days and observe how they were treated, perceived by society, and their own personal reflections. The project was named as, “Who are we?” The project started with shopping. We wanted to find something very different and provocative. Due to a small budget, we went to Zara and H&M and were amused by the range of different clothes: from very elegant to extremely vulgar. Since we approximately knew our participant’s style, we’ve chosen clothes which they would never buy for themselves. Shopping was always pleasant for me, but this time it was so special. We enjoyed it to the fullest. First of all, it is always pleasant to buy something for someone else besides yourself. Second, we did not miss the chance to try the clothes we chose ourselves. Leather skirts, leopard leggings, blazers, hats, bulk and solid jewelry were just few of the exquisite attire we put on. As we proceeded to buy these items at the cashier desk with all these clothes, we were greeted with strange looks from other customers and sellers. Everybody was mocking and making fun of us. The project started with the first participant named Dunjia. It was difficult to meet up with her every day because we had completely different schedules. We agreed to meet every morning and sometimes we had a chance to meet in the city. Her first outfit was classic and elegant. She was inimitable. Her behavior and her personality in essence completely changed. When she tried on a new hat, her new look dazzled everybody. We took some pictures of her new look. We continued our project as we headed out to the city. Once again, I felt that all eyes of pedestrians were on her. People in Vienna are not used to wear such clothes and accessories in daily life. Some people looked baffled, some smiled, and others just ignored us. Interestingly enough, men in the city usually greeted us with a smile as the females generally tend to give us vicious and sarcastic looks. By the end of the first day, Dunjia said that she got very tired and exhausted. On the second day, we chose very casual clothes of intense colors. Dunjia was looking amazing, as she changed her hairstyle and looked completely different. Now she stood out against a background of dull Viennese public. On the third day, her outfit was fashionable and classy as she was wearing a jumping suit with blazer and high heels. The funniest part of this outfit was when Dunjia left her building, the men who were uploading the truck near her home, turned their head, and followed her till she disappeared. Clearly, she had turned heads with her exotic look. From our careful observation, we noticed that Dunjia’s personality modified as she changed into different clothes. The second person was Selma. We started with very provocative and in a sense vulgar outfit: leather skirt and jacket. Selma is very shy and quiet and hence, I noticed that she was too shy to walk with this outfit in the public. We were afraid that somebody might insult her, which might hurt her self-esteem. The second outfit that Selma tried was a casual dress consisted of leopard prints. Her dress obviously was interesting as it caught the attentions of small kids in the park. The kids were amused at her dress and were talking with excitement about her new outfit. The third outfit quite elegant and Selma received the same reaction as Dunja did. Read More
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