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Should the US gets itself involved in everything going on in the middle east - Research Paper Example

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Your name …………………………………… College ………………………………………. …………………………… Should the US gets itself involved in everything going on in the middle east? Introduction America has appeared in a number of different social and political roles like peacemaking, anti-terrorist, preserving Israel’s security, weapon- proliferating, ensuring free flow of oils from Gulf and so on through media worldwide in last few decades, especially after the World War II…
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Should the US gets itself involved in everything going on in the middle east
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"Should the US gets itself involved in everything going on in the middle east"

Download file to see previous pages 78). This piece of research paper attempts to address how dangerously United States has been playing its diplomatic roles in the Middle East and explains five reasons why the US shouldn’t get involved in everything that go on in the region. This paper analyzes how the political languages the US repeatedly has been using like peace-making, anti-terrorism and weapon proliferation have but shown that they were absolutely meaningless due to the ongoing conflicts in the region, ever-increasing terrorism and devastating weaponry-political ideologies. Five reasons why the US shouldn’t involve in the Middle East United States shouldn’t play its diplomatic roles in military, political and all other activities that go on in the Middle East mainly for the following factors: 1. The main interest behind US’s involvement in the Middle East is to get wider access to oil-resources, which in turn can never be justified in terms of business or international politics. 2. Middle East is basically an Islamic region and therefore any involvement from the US side will be seen as an unnecessary involvement especially in religious affairs, and its interest in wars will be merely unjust. 3. As widely known, or as widely being debated in media worldwide, one of the main reason why US involves in the Middle East is to preserve the security and well-being of Israel (Pelletreau, p. 21), and therefore it will have a devastating impact on Middle East people’s perception of the US creating more hatred towards the US. 4. US involvement in Middle East will cause nothing more than giving excitement to the terrorists and thus making the region more vulnerable to ongoing conflicts and political instabilities. 5. The more the US gets involved in the Middle East, the highest the numbers of people, civilians and troops being killed in regions like Palestine, Iraq and other countries. Based on literatures and experts’ opinion, these reasons are detailed below: The US Interest in oil-resources When it comes to the case of recent war between Iraq and the US, for instance, the US gained full of oil resources that can help it fulfill its oil-requirements for years, where as Iraq lost their political and social stability in the country. As Krasner (p. 189) noted, the second World War has actually brought greater demand for oil and that bringing US attention to the Middle East as well. From 1940 onwards, America has been taking serious foreign policies to help it access oil from the Gulf countries. Pauly (p. 160) observed that Middle East has been a vital source for greater access to oil resources and this has brought the attention of the US foreign policy too. Without oil, many countries and many economies would face major disruptions. Similarly, the standard of living even will be greatly impacted if the US lacks oil resources and therefore America has increasingly intervened diplomatically, economically and militarily in the region. The ethical and moral sides of this intention and military operation can never be justified and therefore America should stop involving in the affairs OF Middle East. Involvement unjust Economical, diplomatic and military involvement of the US in the Middle Eas ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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