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Radiology Dept. Manager Interview - Article Example

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Radiology Department Manager Interview University Name Radiology Department Manager Interview Introduction I recently had the honor of sitting down with the manager of the radiology department, Ramon Lujan, at the medical facility that currently employs me…
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Radiology Dept. Manager Interview
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Extract of sample "Radiology Dept. Manager Interview"

Download file to see previous pages The interview focused on the following five key topics: Strategic planning, budgets, equipment acquisition, conflict resolution, and employee development and empowerment. Strategic Planning One would think that since x-ray technology has been around for decades, strategic planning for the short and long term does not mean much. As my manager pointed out, however, this is far from the case. As the manager, Ramon stated that he must considered short term needs of the radiology department spanning for 1-3 years. To consider this, he looks at expansion plans of the hospital, patient numbers, and the amount of time it takes to get important scans back to the doctor(s). In addition, Ramon looks at long-range planning as a way to implement new technology into the department, based on budgetary numbers that he receives annually. To do this, he actually works with a team of professionals from other departments to keep abreast as to which new technology will be here for the long-term, and which pieces should not be considered to the belief that they will become obsolete in the short term. With this planning, Ramon claimed, the hospital would be mired down with antiquated radiology equipment due to a lack of financial results to little to no foresight paid from the outset. This aspect of his position certainly seems to be one of the most overlooked by non-supervisors, but I can now certainly see why Ramon considers it to be one of his top priorities that he reviews on a regular basis (McConnell, 2009). Budgets Budgetary issues are always an area of concern in a medical facility. Ramon covered this area quite quickly. While he largely controls how money within the radiology department is allocated, he has little say over how financial resources are granted by the institution to the department. The budget is determined by the administration of the health facility, with input from various departments. Ramon spends time together with his team working on the budget for future fiscal years, making the case for needed equipment and staffing concerns, among others. In the end, however, he must leave those decisions with the administration. Once the budget is set, he has more meetings with the radiology team to determine how best to allocate the money that was eventually granted to them. As mentioned, items in the budget include money for new equipment, maintenance on existing equipment, staffing costs, and other miscellaneous supplies that are specific to radiology. Building and other maintenance costs are not touched by the radiology budget. It is quite a complex process, much of the information being sensitive, so this was most of the information that my manager felt comfortable sharing with me. Equipment Acquisition Radiology, obviously, depends on its equipment. Particularly with the impending implementation of the Affordable Care Act, imaging departments nationwide have been reexamining the equipment that they purchase and the vendors that they contract with. Ramon discussed this process with me during our interview. Since the hospital has a list of approved vendors, the procedure for ordering new equipment is quite easy. First of all, the money must be approved in the budget. That is pretty straightforward. Secondly, as mentioned in the portion of the interview covering budgetary concerns, the management team in the radiology department prioritizes the purchasing of equipment based upon current needs and trends in the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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