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The Kuwait-Iraq War - Research Paper Example

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The Kuwait-Iraq war: 1. Executive summary: This paper is based on a hugely important historical issue that bagged overwhelming attention from all over the globe for almost seven months. The historical issue that is comprehensively discussed in this paper is about the renowned Kuwait-Iraq war, which caused marked devastation and havoc for a very long time and engulfed not only the Kuwaiti public in its horror of pandemonium, but also brutally shattered the strong economy of Kuwait…
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The Kuwait-Iraq War
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Extract of sample "The Kuwait-Iraq War"

Download file to see previous pages The reasons which have gained worldwide acceptance are highlighted and scrutinized in this paper along with the horrifying socioeconomic and public harms sustained by Kuwait during and after the war. The discussion on this Iraqi invasion also revolves around the incredibly disparaging consequences Kuwait had to bear and the massive costs it paid as a result of this vicious war. The war did not die away on its own after some months, rather many countries had to step in this critical issue that was rapidly getting out of control. Some of those countries, the peaceful roles they played, and the facilitating measures taken by them to reestablish the Kuwaiti public also form a part of the discussion presented in this paper. 2. Introduction: The Kuwait-Iraq war has been the biggest conflict between Iraq and Kuwait yet and was based on a seven month long period that resulted in the loss of many lives and gigantic economic crisis. The Iraqi occupation on Kuwait ignited worldwide condemnation due to which Iraq had to face much resistance in making Kuwait one of its own states. Clear disapproval and fury was shown by all countries for Iraq and immediate removal of Iraqi forces was demanded. (, 2004). This brutal invasion was followed by military intervention by United States. Otherwise, there seemed to be no end to the Iraqi invasion which acquired complete control over Kuwait forcing the Kuwaiti forces to run away and find refuge in other countries. The relentless actions of Iraq on one hand, and the “brief and feeble resistance” displayed by Kuwait’s own forces made Kuwait all the more vulnerable, which led to increased ruthlessness practiced by the Iraqi forces. (Worldology, 2009). Initially, Iraq made an allegation on Kuwait that it was illegally stealing the Iraqi oil reserves through slant drilling so that it could invade Kuwait. (Patterson, 2010). Then, rumors came up that Iraq suddenly took the decision to invade Kuwait because it had no other hope for paying the loan it had previously taken for financing war with Iran. Kuwait is blessed with over-productivity of oil and this proved to be an enchanting delight for Iraq, which already needed some relief from the huge loan. (Kelly, 2011). Within a few days of the attack, Iraq declared Kuwait to be one of its provinces thus taking advantage of the weak defense by Kuwait. 3. Economic and geographical causes of the Kuwait-Iraq war: Conflict over the financial debt of Iraq: Iraq was under severe pressure of the huge loan it had to return, which was taken for financing the too long war with Iran. Too much money and resources had been wasted by Iraq to continue the war, so taking loan became an essential step. The Iraqi president, Hussein, had become too isolated politically and economically after war with Iran. (Simon & Harak, n.d.) mention that “He (Hussein) was some 60 billion dollars in debt from the war, and the West had cut off his credits after he had a British reporter executed as a spy.” This loan became a major hurdle in the path of progress later, due to which Iraq raised oil prices in order to repay the massive debts. In response to this strategy, Kuwait vigorously took steps that ensured over-productivity ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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