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Gulf War: Kuwait and Iraq - Essay Example

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Iraq’s Invasion of Kuwait Introduction From a realist point of view, it would seem that an act of invasion in the middle of the twentieth century is rarely made an option or a tool by any established country so as to be hegemonic. The reason of which is that a plan of incursion demands a strong infantry, suggesting a great number of soldiers and sufficient supply of weapons…
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Gulf War: Kuwait and Iraq
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"Gulf War: Kuwait and Iraq"

Download file to see previous pages It became an international issue, one which alerted the Security Council of the United Nations (UN). In light of these facts, the essay will offer an explanation with regard to Iraq’s decision of invading Kuwait. It will also offer insights as to the aftermath of the attack in both countries. Iraq’s Invasion of Kuwait There have been many speculations as to the ultimate motive behind Iraq’s invasion of Kuwait in August 1990, ranging from political and economic beliefs to personal and psychological accounts. Defensive Act. Some political analysts have claimed that the invasion was totally a defensive move, that is, to protect Iraq from experiencing an economic meltdown. At that time, Iraq was experiencing a very weak economy. It was still recovering from the consequences of its war with Iran. The war had caused the country to exhaust its foreign reserves and incur more foreign debt (Alnasrawi 69). Also, it had limited Iraq’s access to the sea in exporting its oil. As the country was struggling to recover, it had observed the booming oil industry of Kuwait. Later on, it found out that Kuwait was violating the quota set upon by the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) -- Kuwait was producing more oil than what was required by the organization (Alnasrawi 64; Hansen 106). OPEC actually posed an oil production quota among its member countries so as to prevent a decline in oil revenue. Nonetheless, along with several countries, Kuwait did not comply with it, thereby affecting other member countries of OPEC especially Iraq. As a result, during the Arab Emergency Summit Conference in May 1990, Saddam Hussein, the president of Iraq, castigated Kuwait for its violation which caused the oil price to decline (Alnasrawi 64; Wolfgang and Tripp 46). He also alleged that Kuwait had stolen oil within its territory particularly in the al-Rumaylah oil field through diagonal drilling (Alnasrawi 64; Aziz, qtd. in Hansen 106). Saddam characterized Kuwait’s oil production as being selfish and unjustifiable, relating it with a war executed by economic means (Wolfgang and Tripp 46; Alnasrawi 64). Apparently, he was right in saying about an economic war. However, an economic war is not a bloody war. It does not use weapons which could kill individuals and destroy infrastructures. It only weakens the economic status of its opponent. This is to say that Saddam went far beyond the desired method to counter the undue advantage of Kuwait. He could actually allow the OPEC to settle the conflict amicably and decide as to the sanction or punishment to be given in order to prevent a violent reaction. With respect to the alleged stolen oil, Saddam did not have enough proof to substantiate the claim as the rightful owner of the oil field was still in dispute. As such, one could predict that Saddam had other motive in invading Kuwait. To Establish Control. Saddam Hussein decided to attack Kuwait to gain “control over the oil on the Arab littoral of the Persian Gulf” (Wolfgang and Tripp 39). The Persian Gulf actually contains sixty percent of the oil supply in the whole world, forty percent of which is situated on the side of the Arab countries (Wolfgang and Tripp 39-40). Control of such region would mean money and power. This fact would have allured Saddam, thinking that if he could establish control over the region, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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