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INTRODUCTION Career counseling or career guidance is nowadays regarded as a path to confirm success. It is a coaching session that takes into consideration the personal aptitudes, choices and abilities of the individuals as well as the developing areas with more promising futures…
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Download file to see previous pages It also makes them aware of the expectations and challenges that they are likely to meet in a particular job environment and guide them how to tackle the difficult situations on their own. All this has made this field essential for the students and organizations. In this study, the researcher has observed that a positive application of career counseling is in the rehabilitation of the ex-felons. Ex-felons or ex-criminals are the people who are responsible for some murder, theft, fraud or such crimes in the past, and having completed their sentenced period they want to move in the right lawful directions. However, it is noted that, these ex-offenders face problems in re-entering the society, in finding jobs and even in getting settled somewhere easily. The society does not accept them, the employers do not trust them and people do not want to see them around (Patton, & McMahon, 2006). As a result they not only face psychological complications due to frustration and depression, but they are also forced to cope with the financial problems by themselves. To help such people, halfway houses are established that not only provide them with monitored shelter and support, but also therapy and guidance, including career counseling. These residences act as 24 hours treatment lodgings that keep a complete record about the deeds of each individual, and keep an eye on each of them for further development. The researcher believes that the role of a career counselor in a halfway house is really challenging. He not only has to guide the persons for the right choice of the career, but he will have to assist them in achieving trust of their employers and in maintaining righteous behavior. Therefore the researcher is going to plan a counseling course for the ex-felons at a halfway house. OBJECTIVES The objective of this project is to map out such a course to career counsel the ex-felons at halfway houses that: 1. Is practical and applicable 2. Can ensure that the ex-law-breakers feel obliged to continue on their righteous path after the sentence and get settled for a normal life 3. Provides the individuals in question with sense of security and satisfaction in their working environments For this purpose the researcher has selected a halfway house that is accommodating 23 ex-cons (all males) whose crimes range from illegal merchandise and fraudulent to murder in anger. LITERATURE REVIEW Career counseling revolves around three basic variables: Work, Worker and Working Environment (Chappell, Di, & Labour, 2000). The disturbance in any of these may cause imbalance in the whole work plan. Therefore the researcher has based his project around these three essential variables. The individual or worker is quite important as he proves to be an important factor in the failure of a particular working deal. According to Frank Parsons’ tripartite model (2008), the worker should know and understand his own self (his aptitude and potential), job requirement, and then he should select a particular career logically. Therefore, the researcher has made it his first priority to counsel the persons about their wants in accordance to their needs. These needs do not include only the basic needs of food, shelter and security, rather he has suggested his personal inclination too, so that to make work an attractive and interesting to do. The interaction between the worker and his working environment also triggers specific behaviors that lead to progress or destruction. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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