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Career Counseling for the Different Developmental Stages - Essay Example

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The author of the present essay "Career Counseling for the Different Developmental Stages" underlines that a freshman who has just joined college needs a lot of advice. This is because; this is somebody new in the institution and knows very little regarding his own surrounding…
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Career Counseling for the Different Developmental Stages
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Extract of sample "Career Counseling for the Different Developmental Stages"

Download file to see previous pages I would start by asking the freshman the reasons as to why he chose the career. This can be due to a personal interest in that area, persuasion/ influence from either parents or colleagues, being cheap in terms of cost, taking a short duration of time. It can even be that the freshman chose the career not basing it on many factors. My area of interest would be to ascertain the suitability of the career from the 'marketability' point of view. He should be able to choose a career that would enable him to secure a job as soon as he finishes college. I would then encourage him to change his career if I realize that the one he has chosen may not adequately serve his needs as soon as he finishes college.
I will stipulate to the freshman the need for living harmoniously with colleagues in college. Living peacefully with colleagues would enable him to always have a peaceful mind and be able to concentrate on his studies. Conflicts characterized by chaos, fights would not only adverse his performance in academics, but can make him either be suspended or expelled from college.
The entire life of the freshman would be greatly influenced by the kind of people/ friends he would be associating himself with. Friends are people who can easily influence someone's character, either positively or negatively. I would, therefore, urge the freshman to carefully choose the kind of people to associate with. He can do this by consulting the sophomores and other seniors if the people he wants to associate himself with are already known by them (sophomores and seniors). If they are fresher, then he can use his own judgment to determine whether they are good or bad, morally upright or to the contrary etc. I would further advise him to cling to people with vision and one goal - that of passing college exams and coming out successfully. In this respect, I would advise him to completely avoid associating himself with students who take alcohol, smoke, and who involve themselves in other immoral activities.
4) Sexual responsibility
This would be a very important topic as far as the new freshman is concerned. I would tell him the need to completely abstain from sex. Sex, being addictive would deviate his mind from studies thus deteriorating his performance. It can also earn him enemies because he might be competing with his colleagues and even lecturers for sexual partners. Worst of all, I would highlight to him; the dangers of engaging in sex irresponsibly one of them being contracting of sexually transmitted diseases and HIV/ AIDS. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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