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Self-efficacy as an Important Criterion of Success - Article Example

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According to the report, self-efficacy is an important criterion of success in any field of human activity. However, in the case of career counseling, it acquires special significance. The choice is usually done out of a very limited range of professions…
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Self-efficacy as an Important Criterion of Success
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Download file to see previous pages Bandura’s self-efficacy theory points to the root of the evil. People cannot do some things only because they have not studied them. This idea is true about every human activity and field of knowledge. Nancy Betz’s proposition provides an important tool for career counselors.
The article deals with the application of self-efficacy theory in career counseling. As Betz explains her interest in Bandura’s theory emerged in the 1970s when she started her research on the barriers preventing women’s pursuit of careers in math and sciences. The research demonstrated that the barriers came from social stereotypes about women’s inferiority in math and technical domains. The self-efficacy theory explained the emergence of the barriers. As it is well-known self-efficacy can be called the major factor contributing to one’s success in any area of human activity, while lack of it leads to avoidance of certain behaviors. For instance, women’s avoidance of math-related careers is usually associated with a low level of self-efficacy, low expectations in math efficacy being conditioned by the social belief that women are not strong in math. The concept of self-efficacy provides both the theory of the origin and the means to deal with the problem using four sources of efficacy information. These four sources defining the formation of efficacy expectations include performance accomplishments, vicarious learning (modeling), emotional arousal (anxiety) and social persuasion and encouragement.
Albert Bandura’s theory suggests that expectations define the outcomes. First, people tend to achieve success only in the areas they feel self-confident about and avoid activities, about which they have low expectations. Second, expectations directly influence the outcomes: people usually get the results they have expected to achieve. High expectations stimulate one’s persistence in overcoming obstacles.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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