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The specific factors of the Turkish culture - Dissertation Example

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This paper examines the impact of the specific factors within the Turkish culture on the career choices. It is mentioned that certain socio-cultural factors in Turkey, such as duties towards the family, cultural taboos, force an individual to go into the careers which would not be adopted otherwise. …
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The specific factors of the Turkish culture
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Extract of sample "The specific factors of the Turkish culture"

Download file to see previous pages 1.0 INTRODUCTION Career counselling is a challenging field that has to take in view each and every aspect that may or may not affect the personal abilities, potential and aptitude of subjects’ lives. A Career is a notion that needs much thought and planning before jumping in the arena as the financial and economic health as well as the physical and mental satisfaction of a person highly depends upon it. Thus, when the high time comes, and one is referred to a career counsellor, then the person is actually considering his future seriously. A counsellor can provide with an impartial and objective view of one’s own possibilities as well as some certain profitable ways to utilize them so that one may not plunge into something to regrets later. However, everything is not determined by personal choices and skills. There are other factors, more affective and powerful, that have to be considered before taking such an important decision of one’s life. A career counsellor has the responsibility to point out these factors to the subjects elaborately. These factors include the usual business fields offered in the convenient area, the availability of the needed education and training facilities, the usual trends and the possibility of the availability of vacant posts in future in that particular field, and also an acceptance from the society. The researcher thinks that the last factor affect much as it hold the power of cultural norms, traditions and customs in which the subject has lived for quite a while, and certainly the chosen profession must have to come in terms with the cultural acceptance and proposals. 1.1 BACKGROUND Culture occupies...
Culture occupies a central role in a person’s life. It affects a man externally as well as internally as he grows living in it. Thus, when a man reaches his prime he is a walking embodiment of his culture. Therefore it is believed that the culture plays an important role in every important decision of his life, including the career selection.
The researcher has selected to apply personal beliefs on Turkish individuals. Turkey is a country with extraordinarily rich culture. Due to it being rapidly developing and consequently continuously changing possibilities, its culture is accepting new and advanced norms. However, the researcher believes that there are still some factors that do not allow the U-turns in the selection of careers. It has been noted that this is the thing particularly in the case of female subjects. Being the symbol of beauty and delicacy, it had always been a predetermined notion that they cannot take part in laborious works. The researcher has also noted that there are some cultural restrictions other than their own will that does not allow them to go for these jobs. Also, there are some indications that male members of the society also face some societal expectations that bound them to select from a particular set of careers. The idea is to investigate these matters more elaborately and objectively so that cultural reasons for these sorts of limited choices can be figured out. Thus, the researcher has aimed this study to the elucidate the problems that a young student faces when he or she passes out of the college. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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