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Reading programs for learning disabled children - Research Paper Example

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Reading Programs for Learning Disabled Children Learning disability is a brain disorder related to the learning skills of a person. Learning disability is directly associated with the power of brain to control human activities. A person with learning disability faces difficulty in receiving, analyzing, and storing information because the brain of that person is not able to perform learning functions properly…
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Reading programs for learning disabled children
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"Reading programs for learning disabled children"

Download file to see previous pages Article # 1 The first article, which I have selected for discussion, is Repeated Reading Intervention for Students with Learning Disabilities: Status of the Evidence. The authors of this article have focused on the need of repetition of the reading intervention for the children. “For students with or at risk for learning disabilities, developing fluency with reading connected texts remains a formidable challenge” (Chard, Ketterlin-Geller, Baker, Doabler, & Apichatabutra, 2009). The authors have stressed on the use of repeated reading practices that should be designed to provide the children with multiple exposures to the same words. Repeated reading facilitates the students in reading and rereading the same text multiple times (Chard et al., 2009). According to the article, decoding difficulties should also be removed because they make learning process difficult for the students. “Decoding difficulties limit students' opportunities to read texts, decrease students' exposure to words, limit vocabulary learning, and hamper the development of content-area expertise through reading comprehension” (Chard et al., 2009, p. 263-281). Repeated reading can also be labeled as evidence-based for the students with learning disabilities. The findings of this article show that the repeated reading interventions can play an important role in improving the learning abilities of the children because the children can learn different words and their meanings quickly if they are shown those words repeatedly. The exposure to the same word through different ways can enhance the ability of the brain to capture the image and meaning of that word. The teachers of the learning-disabled children can determine the efficacy of repeated reading approaches in order to bring some improvement in the learning and comprehension skills of the children. For most students, oral reading can be associated with improved fluency and comprehension skills (Chard et al., 2009). The teachers can make great use of repeated reading interventions in the classrooms of the learning-disabled children by creating their lesson plans accordingly. The teachers can use the same words in different scenarios making the children familiar with those words. Chard et al. (2009) state, “As students repeatedly read the same content, it is likely that they will practice the same words multiple times, increasing the likelihood they'll be able to automatically retrieve those same words in future exposures” (p. 263-281). So, if the teachers give repeated exposure to the same words, the children will be able to understand those words in a very quick manner. Article # 2 The second article, which I have selected for discussion is, Evidence-Based Strategies for Reading Instruction of Older Students with Learning Disabilities. In this article, the authors have found that over a quarter of students from the 8th grade and more than one-third students belonging to the 4th grade are not able to read well. These students cannot understand their lessons properly and find it difficult to acquire some new knowledge or information from grade-level text. “For students with lea ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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