Holistic Child Development With Special Needs Children - Research Paper Example

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The concept of holistic child development is an important theme that needs to be addressed at all levels. The level of disability cases is on the rise and relevant measures have to be put forth in order to be able to contain the situation and it will be discussed in this paper…
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Holistic Child Development With Special Needs Children
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Download file to see previous pages In third world countries, Holistic Child Development is hindered by the discriminative social-economic and cultural factors that have provided a home for poverty (Santrock, 152). A clear outline of understanding of Holistic Child development is ideal in establishing the expectations between field ministries and missions of mercy. By provision of clear Holistic Child Development framework, the achievement of better training and evaluation is possible. Relevant programs can also take effect in the campaign for Holistic Child development. In the quest for Holistic child Development, four factors are considered and defined; Spiritual Development – This is the concept of creating change in the relationship with God and more awareness about Him. It is the subject where questions such as who am I, why am I here, what meaning does life have; are answered. This process of growth brings the believer in the maturity of Christ. Physical Development – This defines the changes in the sizes body organs. In this domain, health and growth are usually addressed together (Fox and Robert, 67). Social Economic Development – This addresses the change in the relationships between people. It consist changes in emotions and personality. According to a study of humans, it was discovered that emotional domain and social are inseparable. In merging the two together, we realize that the communication plays a major role in the growth of children in the fulfillment of emotional needs. Cognitive Development – It is true that the missions of mercy provide basic resources for the children who live in economic poverty. However, the subject of poverty seems to be multi-dimensional. Economic poverty would imply monetary handouts, micro-enterprise interventions and business ventures,...
This report stresses on the concept of holistic child development which might be new. However, the principles behind it are definitely not, It is a reminder of what God requires of us as we focus on the blessing that comes out of a marriage; a child. Metaphorically, Holistic Child Development can be viewed as a lens that helps parents to magnify their approach toward handling a child in all aspect of its life.
This paper makes a conclusion that different people have different perceptions towards children with disabilities. The implementation of any interventions needs to come after an effort to transform the way of thinking and campaign towards equality and equity. The disability in children is a major challenge for their family members. For people already living in hard situations, this calls for a high physical and emotional stress. It is important that in trying to improve on the situation of disability cases, the family members should also be considered more so in term of their environmental needs. These considerations would require a holistic child development approach, which involves as mention before; proper national policies and fair allocation of resources to promote access. Because of the simple fact that no one has an idea of what the disabled are undergoing better than they do, they should be included in the implementation of the programs. The growth of a child comes along with changes in its needs. Therefore, every child at least deserves the opportunity to develop and explore his or her own talent in environmentally friendly conditions. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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