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The Environment's Support for Children Development - Research Paper Example

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This research paper describes the environment's support for children development. This paper analyses physical and motor development, social and emotional development, language and cognitive development, the importance of physical growth, and the potential of the outdoor environment…
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The Environments Support for Children Development
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Extract of sample "The Environment's Support for Children Development"

Download file to see previous pages The developmental process can be boosted or nurtured by manipulating various events during prenatal life, and physical, social, cultural, learning and emotional areas through environmental stimuli (Ashford et al., 2001). Holistic development of the child is the integrated approach of nurturing child’s all-around developmental progress. The developmental domains should be gazed and grasped carefully to understand the overall growth of the child. This helps in unfolding abilities of each child. Then, accordingly, efforts should be made so that, the child is encouraged to learn and evolve. Bringing together all the development aspects, lead to a flowering of a child. Another important angle to study the developmental process is to address issues such as developmental delay. The study of typical chronological ages associated with specific physical and mental capabilities help in the prevention of early intervention in developmental delay. The development studies are focused on issues related to physical and motor development, social and emotional development, cognitive development, etc. Therefore, development is a cumulative effect of all the developmental stages and domain. The growth of the child should be healthy and appropriate in each developmental sphere. Though the developmental timelines can vary greatly from child to child, it gives the overall picture of growth chart (von Hahn, 2005a). Various aspects of holistic development like physical, emotional, intellectual, social, moral, cultural, and spiritual are interwoven (Meggitt, 2006). The different dimensions of the development are blended in an individual’s personality and behavior. Functions related to these domains, work as a whole coordinated system in a human being.
Motor skills are the abilities required in order to mobilize the muscles of the body. Proficiency in other developmental domains like (speech/language, cognition, and socio-emotional) are connected to the acquisition of Motor activity. The ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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