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Friendly Environment and the Success and Development of All Children - Essay Example

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The paper will examine some of the common theories that exist concerning the development of children. These theories are Attachment theory and the theory that children need to be socialized. The Attachment Theory suggests that parents and primary carers need to maintain a stable home base…
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Friendly Environment and the Success and Development of All Children
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Download file to see previous pages Despite the fact there is a lot of political debate as to how children should be raised and communicated with, it is a known fact that communication begins in early infancy. Infants smile at their parents and carers, and they interact through gesturing and making vocalizations. When parents and carers pay attention to their cues, it is very easy to understand what infants are trying to communicate, as their expressions and jesters are apparent. The carers’ responsiveness to infants enables them to learn self-soothing skills, which will come handy later in life, and it is vital for the development of their brains. What’s more, the love and responsiveness that infants receive from their carers teach them how to love others, and it helps them to better understand the world around them. AS these infants grow into toddlers, they learn vital social skills, such as expressing empathy towards others, listening to what others have to say, sharing, taking turns, and playing nicely. All of this confirms that communication is vital in the first years of a child’s life. A number of circumstances could cause practitioners to have problems working with and helping the children to communicate effectively, whether the problem is with the practitioners themselves, or the problem resides with circumstances and backgrounds of the children. One of these problems arises when practitioners are prejudice of children who may be of a particular ethnicity or economic status. Such prejudices could get in the way of how they interact with and teach the children who are in their care. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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