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Difficult Accessibility among E-Learning System: student with disabilities - Research Paper Example

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The E-Learning System and Student with Disabilities Introduction The speedy evolution of information and communication technologies (ICTs) has more than impacted upon businesses; more importantly, it has change the way members of society conduct their daily lives, how they work, entertain themselves, communicate with each other, and learn…
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Difficult Accessibility among E-Learning System: student with disabilities
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"Difficult Accessibility among E-Learning System: student with disabilities"

Download file to see previous pages 241). In the field of education, e-learning – that is, the use of ICT in education – are extensively use by modern mainstream teaching institutions and professionals. ICT’s potential as a teaching tool has so far proven highly effective in facilitating learning for regular students, however its use in special education has still to be fully explored. Context/Problem The inclusion of students with various disabilities not only physically, but also those with mental disabilities, provides huge opportunities for ICT use; however, there are also a number of barriers to the effective use of e-learning for those with special education needs. Shah (8) cited a number of issues encountered that interfere in the adoption of ICT devices and systems for teaching the disabled. Parents and other parties have raised concerns regarding the manner in which students with disabilities are served in online learning environments. There is a lack of consistency in policies on a state-to-state and district-to-district level in the provision of special education and related services to students with disabilities in online environments. ...
te training even for regular education teachers; more so, educators who teach students with disabilities are totally bereft of that special preparation in the unique competencies required in this field. There is furthermore an absence of national data that supports a comprehensive understanding of those students with disabilities who have undergone e-learning. Finally, there is a noticeable lack of effort in determining the particular needs of students with disabilities and their parents that would provide a crucial basis for the more effective design of an appropriate e-learning program (Shah, 8). For these reasons, the current study addresses the problem: What are the specific implications of e-learning for individuals with disabilities, and how may e-learning programs for the disabled be made more effective? The results of the study are seen to significantly contribute to the further understanding of e-learning program design and policy formulation, in a manner that provides the greatest benefit to persons with disabilities. Key Terms Disabilities – A physical or mental condition that limits a person’s movements, senses or activities (Merriam Webster) E-learning – Learning with the assistance of information and communication technology devices and systems Information and Communication Technology (ICT) – Refers to technologies that provide access to information through telecommunications; more than just information technology, ICT emphasizes on communication, including the internet, wireless networks, cell phones and similar media ( Online learning – Another term for e-learning, is a form of distance education delivered over the internet and may be accessed from a computer with a web browser (Keystone College). Special Education – Education ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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