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Learning disabilities - Essay Example

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Learning Disabilities (LD) is an included deficit in level and slope of academic performance as assessed by curriculum-based measurement, deficit in phonological core process, and failure to respond to validated treatment protocols. According to the IDEA2004, learning…
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Learning disabilities
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"Learning disabilities"

Download file to see previous pages The fundamental characteristics of students with learning disability are usually a lack in reading and written language comprehension. Lack these skills causes as inability to know and understand how the phonemes or speech sounds (omission, insertions, and revels) make a difference. An inability to decode unfamiliar words, poor comprehension and retention, and difficulty identify important themes is created. Also, difficulties in written language and performance usually occur in the areas of handwriting, spelling, productively, text structure, sentence structure, and inability to copy correctly from book or the blackboard. In addition, these students have difficulties with math performance, due to poor visual perception, memory, copying problems incorrectly from one line to anther, difficulty recalling the sequence of operational processes, difficulties comprehending word problems, and reasoning deficit. Students with learning disabilities have difficulties in time management, and are slow to start and complete tasks. There is a repeated, day-to-day inability to recall what has been taught, as well as difficulty following oral and writing directions. The lack of overall organization in written notes and composition, demonstrate short attention span during lectures, and significantly decreases the chance of the student performing well.
Students with learning disability may have weaknesses in specific social skills. They tend to use less socially acceptable behaviors in certain situations, and perform verbal and nonverbal skills at a significantly lower level than their peers. They also exhibit inappropriate behaviors at higher levels than their peers, and misinterpret social cues. Much of the time, they are unable to predict consequences for their behavior.
During a learning disability stimulation in the classroom, the instructor ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Learning Disabilities Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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Learning disabilities
...?Chapter II: Study of the Problem Problem with learning disabilities encompass the highest number with special needsin the US (Tzuriel & Samuels, 2000). The basic criteria used to pinpoint students with learning disabilities include: difficulties in specific cognitive processes, particularly those thought to be inherited brain dysfunctions; cognitive problems that interfere with students’ academic accomplishments to the extent special education is required and where cognitive troubles are not as a result of other disabilities, for instance, visual impairment, hearing loss, or mental retardation (Graves & Ward, 2012). By and large, students with...
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...RESEARCH PROPOSAL Introduction And Research Question To explore the link between obsessed episodes of agitated behavior and hyperactivity in people with learning disabilities. The main aim of this research is finding a connection between hyperactivity and obsessed interests in people with learning disabilities. There are higher chances of occurrence of epilepsy, in people with a learning disability. In people with severe learning disability, 50% of them have epilepsy. There must definitely be a link between hyperactivity and agitated behavior in people with learning...
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...Introduction A learning disability (LD) is defined as a neurological disorder. It is the result of a difference in wiring in some adults and children. Those who experience a LD may be as intelligent, or even smarter, than their cohorts, although they have difficulty with an activity/s, such as; reading, writing, spelling, recall and reasoning, as well as the organisation of learnt material (Vaughn & Fusch, 2003). Interventions to aid adult learners with LD have changed dramatically over the past century (D'Amato, Crepeau-Hobson, Huang, & Geil, 2005). This paper will critically review the development of the present day approaches to intervention to demonstrate the benefits of the social-model. ...
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...Definition of the term "learning disabilities" and the prevalence of the condition Learning disabilities can be assessed in three realms and these include: intellectual ability, legislative and social competence. When analysing learning disabilities through the intellectual ability lens, one is required to understand what the term intelligence actually is. Because the latter term may require an in depth analysis, for purposes of this paper, the most important thing to know is that intelligence can be assessed through standardised tests that have been created for this reason. In these tests, individuals are required to answer certain...
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Learning Disabilities
...Educators need to find a special approach to each student to make education effective. It becomes a challenge working with students who have learning disabilities (LD). Many current studies focus on a wide range of topics related to LD starting from LD identification to specific interventions which are proved to be effective working with such students. This topic becomes even more significant due to the fact that more and more educators try to create inclusive environment and teach students with special needs in general classrooms (Rea et al.). This paper will present a general overview of current debate related to LD in literature with a purpose to increase awareness about the issue and promote positive...
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