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Learning disabilities of children - Research Paper Example

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This paper will attempt to take a closer look of the consequences of the problems caused by the learning disabilities of children to society, to the parents and to the education system. Information gathered from published articles, studies and internet sources shall be presented to understand the surrounding circumstances of learning disabilities of children…
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Learning disabilities of children
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"Learning disabilities of children"

Download file to see previous pages The paper presents the expert professional opinions and empirical evidences regarding identification of children with learning difficulties; the law that guarantees special learning education of children, and how parents and educators cope with the problem; and will come up with some recommendations on suitable treatments of children with learning disabilities.
Learning Disabilities of Children
I grew up with the belief that there is no such thing as learning disorders, and that there are only lazy students and motivated ones; there are stupid children and there are bright ones. However, recent studies and conclusive researches proved this belief to be non-conclusive and wrong. Several studies on brain researches showed that there are differences between the brains of the individuals with learning disabilities and those without, and that the architecture of the brain of the child with learning disabilities is different (Smith 2005). Most often, the learning disabilities are not known to parents when children are born and differences are manifested only as the child goes to school and grows up. In most cases, parents and the family do not know the reasons and therefore cannot cope up with the problem. In this context, it is important that they understand the behavioral problems of the child in order to provide appropriate solutions. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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...Learning Disabilities of Gifted and Talented Children Being gifted and yet having a learning disability is just as contradictory as it sounds. Historically, gifted children have been expected to display high performance on the conventional standards of judgment. Since the time of Terman (1925 cited in Brody and Mills, 1997), the gifted children have been stereotyped to show high performance both in the school and the intelligence tests uniformly. The consideration of a child that has learning problems and can be considered to have a learning disability as a gifted child...
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...-disabled students can act as role models (Garnett, 2010). This encourages disabled students and instigates rapid progress as children learn most and best from their peers. In addition, inclusion enlightens typically developing children regarding disabilities, thus showing that they should not be afraid of disabilities or of the disabled. Inclusion teaches students from an early age regarding the importance of inclusion, ensuring that they grow up appreciating the normalcy of inclusion (West, Leon-Guerrero & Stevens, 2007). However, in spite of the apparent benefits of including students with...
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...hope that the intellectually disabled has every potential to learn certain limited non-complex behavior and actions and thought patterns. Personal relationships that would soon develop as part of normal living and sexuality as a human basic need soon determines how he is gradually introduced into the society. In turn society has studied the best techniques to approach the scenario that best supports the relevant services afforded to these individuals as they partake in normal day to day activities of social life. Children, adolescents, adults alike experience a daily cycle of failure that can bring an overwhelming frustration for the people living with them. Recognition of the...
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...of cross-over children is complex. In teaching practice, there is the risk of focusing on the deficit or special need in a particular area which is seen as the main area of concern, while ignoring the strengths of the students. The recommendable approach in teaching practice is to deal with the difficulty by focusing on the area of strength and this strategy can improve the self-esteem of the students with learning difficulty. "Certain conditions attract more sympathy and compassion and ultimately more support, for example, physical disability, visual or hearing impairment and chronic medical problems, whilst other conditions including, for example, dyslexia, dyspraxia, Asperger's...
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...Introduction A learning disability (LD) is defined as a neurological disorder. It is the result of a difference in wiring in some adults and children. Those who experience a LD may be as intelligent, or even smarter, than their cohorts, although they have difficulty with an activity/s, such as; reading, writing, spelling, recall and reasoning, as well as the organisation of learnt material (Vaughn & Fusch, 2003). Interventions to aid adult learners with LD have changed dramatically over the past century (D'Amato, Crepeau-Hobson, Huang, & Geil, 2005). This paper will critically review the development of the present day approaches to intervention to demonstrate the benefits of the...
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...", the researchers sought to further examine the longitudinal effects of social status and social inclusiveness on students with LDs in comparison with typical students. The findings from this research can lead to more practical classroom strategies and help prevent the long-term social isolation of this group of students. The study consisted of a sample from seven schools of 1,361 consenting elementary students (678 girls, 683 boys; 55 with LD) of which data was collected two months into each semester beginning in the spring of 3rd grade and ending in the fall of 6th grade. All 55 (34 boys, 21 girls) of the children diagnosed with learning disabilities were in inclusive classrooms. The...
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...Learning Disabilities (LD) is an included deficit in level and slope of academic performance as assessed by curriculum-based measurement, deficit in phonological core process, and failure to respond to validated treatment protocols. According to the IDEA2004, learning disabilities are diagnosed when a student has a disorder in one or more of the basic psychological process involved in understanding or using language, which may manifest itself in difficulties in reading, writing, listening or attempting mathematical problems. Consistent with the IDEA definition, most states and districts require three criteria to be met in order to classify a student as having...
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Learning Disabilities
... spectrum disorders, initial hearing and seeing impairments, mental retardation, emotional instability or other factors (Kavale). Despite the perceived clarity of the definition, it is still too flexible to give clear understanding between the border of learning disability and special needs. Prevalence of LD has significantly increased over past ten years. There are around 6 million children diagnosed with LD in the USA. Trends in LD prevalence show that boys are more likely to have LD than girls. Two thirds of all children diagnosed with LD are male. Children who have relatives who suffer from LD have greater risks of developing the same disorder in time. Racial minorities are overrepresented in the group of children with LD... . The...
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