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Treating learning disabilities - Coursework Example

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The field of education has been noted by many generations as part of the pillars of tomorrow's progress. No matter how high the price of this particular "basic need is", people seem to be finding ways to attain the achievements they ought to receive from school so as simply to be able to find a better future for themselves…
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Treating learning disabilities
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Extract of sample "Treating learning disabilities"

Download file to see previous pages Several people around the world are suffering learning disabilities that are not that easy to handle. Frustrating as it is, parents of such learners still find ways to have their children at least have something to shield themselves for the future. Learning might be hard for these individuals but the willingness of those people around them to have them taught makes the almost impossible possible.
Through the years, several procedures of teaching has been adapted by several learning institutions in an aim of giving their students the best kind of education that they need to be shielded from the changes that are happening in the society. Frankly though, effective as these procedures are, learning institutions could not handle every need of every individual with learning disabilities all at the same time. These learners need more than just teaching; they need attention and care. Facing all these needs may be quite exhausting. Hence, to answer the issue, a proposed utilization of modern technology has been introduced to the society. From this process, it is believed that multitasking on the part of those attending the needs of these special learners would be much easier to handle.
Through creating interactive games through virtual reality, these students are to be given practical process of growing to understand the games in their own pace and their own interpretation. Besides, the short time based games could help them realize the importance of the sense of achievement; a particular matter of satisfaction that could help special learners understand the importance of self-worth.
There had been a series of debates over the effectiveness of this particular approach. Considerably, the importance placed on practically giving it a chance of being tested is the experiment hosted in this written report on VR games used as aides to learning for special learners.

Virtual Reality games have been practically programmed for leisure. Through the years though, observers of gamers found out that this kind of gaming give more than just fun or relaxation. From researches performed, it has been found out how these matters have been considered a source of intellectual training to the players. This is what is going to be tested through this written report. The development of a particular simple VR game and have it played by learners with learning difficulties shall be the basis of the results that are to be presented by the researchers herein.
Patience, understanding and willingness to play shall be tested among the participants. The way that they respond to the experiment shall actually give a particular focus on how effective technology could be in enhancing the willingness to learn of someone who has an extraordinary case of learning. It is through this research that the proctors of the experiment believe that proving the high essential influence of technology to learners could be better identified.

The researchers of this report aims to thank the proctors who approved of this experimental approach to testing the utilization of technology towards ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Treating Learning Disabilities Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 6250 Words.
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