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Response to Intervention - Research Paper Example

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Name Institution Instructor Course Date Response to intervention Response to intervention is a method of academic intervention used in the United States to improve and provide early and systematic assistance to children with learning difficulties. This method seeks to prevent academic failure in the early life of intervention, frequent progress measurement and the increasing intensive research-based instructional interventions for the children who have a continued difficulty in learning (Mark and Brown 34)…
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Response to Intervention
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Download file to see previous pages The promoters of RTI claim that this olden method brings more confusion to the individuals with disabilities. However, Response to intervention teaching method provides clear and simplified identities to the students with learning disabilities and friendly to the subject. Response to intervention is a process that aims at shift of educational resources toward the delivery and evaluation of instruction, which are comfortable for the relevant student. It works away from the classification of the disabilities through instructional approach. This method has gained credibility in the recent years as an alternative for students with special education criteria for the case of students with incidences of disabilities (Mark and Brown 39). The model is very eligible to the disabled students. It provides data based decision-making for any student in deed of extra interventions in order to improve his or her performance. The introduction of the RTI was after the change of definition for the disabled. Disability has changed its definition to mean the persons who have one or more psychological complication, which may dominate in the listening, thinking, reading, and writing or in mathematical calculations. These brain disorders may include some conditions like brain injury, dyslexia, and developmental aphasia. This definition has changed a little to term disorders as those with basic psychological misunderstanding of language, whether in speech or written and exhibits majorly on the reading and writing difficulties. A child may be termed as disable if he does not achieve the common measure of knowledge following parameters like age and ability level. The child could also have a discrepancy between achievement and intellectual ability in areas like oral expression, listening and understanding and the basic reading skills. Response to intervention model is a know method of problem solving which is a variation of the scientific method but used to study natural phenomenon. The first step in the response to intervention method is clearly defining the difficulties experienced by the student. Clarity and precision are essential for developing hypothesis of knowing how to treat the affected individual. Reliability of assessment for the underlying behaviors is typically low but the perceived behavior has more accuracy. After identification and definition of the problem, the teacher is now in position to change the instructional intervention to cater for the child (Roth and Worthington 412). The response intervention model has a very important component of evaluation whether the child is making progress. This evaluation process is oriented to instructional decisions that help to design the appropriate programs for the student. The effectiveness of the RTI strategies The individuals with disabilities have greatly benefitted from the response to intervention practices since its authorization in United States. The government of the states funded the 12.5 billion US dollars project that supported the early intervention services for infants and toddlers with special education requirement. The program has ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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