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Response to Intervention (RTI) model - Assignment Example

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Teaching a very diverse group of students in terms of their skills and abilities as well as their needs requires one to employ a wide range of techniques so as to ensure inclusiveness. Hong Kong is a metropolitan city with people coming from various backgrounds…
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Response to Intervention (RTI) model
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Download file to see previous pages This diversity in terms of culture, language, has infiltrated in to the mainstream education system in the city. Most of the mainstream schools also have students with special needs who need special care to ensure they benefit from the education system just like other students. As an English teacher in the city, with a diverse group of students, I have to develop strategies aimed at ensuring inclusiveness in my teaching approach, more especially because a majority of the students in the school speak Chinese and English will only be a second language to them. I have to create a good learning environment for non- English speakers as well as those students with special needs to feel comfortable throughout the learning process and benefit from the education albeit their differences. Education should be a uniting factor in such diverse mainstream schools where people from different backgrounds come together to share ideas, knowledge and learning experiences. In order to ensure inclusiveness in my role as the English teacher, I would employ the use of Response to intervention (RTI) model. The Response to Intervention (RTI) model is very important in the provision of inclusive education to a diverse group of students. ...
rning disabilities or even any other disabilities that may hinder the students from fully concentrating on their education and getting the best outcomes possible. The Retention to Intervention (RTI) model can therefore be defined as a general framework of education that involves research based interventions and instructions and regular structures of monitoring the progress of students in the learning process as well as the subsequent application of these data and information over time in order to make useful educational decisions (Klingner, 2006). One of the main advantages of the RTI model is the use of scientifically based interventions whose effectiveness has already been determined through scientific experiments in various randomly controlled trials. One of the main goals and objectives of the RTI model is to apply the concepts of accountability to educational programs by allowing teachers to focus only on those programs that have been scientifically proved to work rather than relying on programs that seem to be simple and easier to use. The RTI model is a multi-tier strategic approach that promotes early identification of children with learning and behavioral needs in a diverse learning environment. The model employs various techniques and approaches to ensure the students’ needs are addressed and fully met so as to ensure positive learning outcomes for all students (Gresham, et al. 2004). The model can be used for by both regular and special needs education teachers who have a group of highly diversified students with different leaning and behavioral needs. The process starts with a general universal screening of all the students in a class room and the use of high quality instructions. After the screening process, the learners identified to be struggling are ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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