Knowledge of water-only systems may influence the incident commanders incident action plan - Essay Example

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The Incident Command System is headed by a commander who is in charge of all the operations to deal with the emergency (Macatee & Bond, 2014). The…
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Knowledge of water-only systems may influence the incident commanders incident action plan
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Incident Action Plan Incident Action Plan The incident action plan refers to a process that establishes the priorities and tactics to be followed in managing emergencies. The Incident Command System is headed by a commander who is in charge of all the operations to deal with the emergency (Macatee & Bond, 2014). The knowledge of such a manager on water-only systems is relevant to enhance accuracy, completeness and timeliness of the plan.
A manager with vast experience on the water systems will be able to base the details of the plan on accurate information without compromising the time available to effect the policy. In case of a fire emergency, the knowledge of when and where the water is available will influence significantly which strategy the incident commander will adopt depending on whether or not the water will be available. The relevance and conciseness of the plan will depend on the knowledge of water-only systems. The commander will be able to create a plan that suits the emergency by assessing the availability of water in a particular area. When laying out a strategy to curb fire in a deserted area, the plan needs to include the sources of water to stop the fire or other sources to stop the situation such as fire extinguishers.
Lastly, the knowledge on water systems will be essential to make timely and complete plans. The information on water systems will be critical to the execution of the project to avoid hindering efficiency and compromising safety (Haraway, 2010). For example, with the knowledge of where and when water will be available, a fire extinguishing company will be able to lay out a complete and timely plan of what shall be needed in the event.
In conclusion, knowledge of water-only systems plays a crucial role in determining the objectives to be set, the strategies to be laid and the tactics to be applied in the case of emergencies. The knowledge enables the plan to be timely, accurate and relevant.
Haraway, M. (2010). Large-Scale Incident Management. Clifton Park, NY: Delmar, Cengage Learning.
Macatee, G., & Bond, S. (2014). WorkSafeBC review and action plan. [Victoria, B.C.: Ministry of Jobs, Tourism and Skills Training. Read More
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