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Disaster in Gwinnett County - Research Paper Example

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Disaster in Gwinnett County Table of Contents Table of Contents 2 National Incident Management System (NIMS) 4 Question 1 4 Question 2 5 Question 3 5 Prevention (including Mitigation) 6 Question 4 7 Question 7 9 National Disaster Management Council 9 Question 11 12 Question 15 14 Question 17 15 Question 18 16 Question 19 18 Question 20 18 Question 21 19 20 Question 22 20 Question 23 21 Question 24 22 Question 25 22 Question 26 23 Question 27 24 Works Cited 25 National Incident Management System (NIMS) Dr…
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Disaster in Gwinnett County
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Extract of sample "Disaster in Gwinnett County"

Download file to see previous pages Gwinnett County Emergency Management Agency needs to be created in order to manage future disasters and after effects related to the calamity. The country should synchronize the action of Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES) with other emergency services (Gwinnett County Emergency Management Agency). They should take help of National Traffic System (NTS) in order to reduce public panic regarding the disaster. Emergency Operations Center (EOC) and medical examiner are needed in order to deal with medical exigencies Human service agencies Fire department Law enforcement Question 2 Gwinnett County needs to create incident management system in order to prevent ill effects of future disasters. National incident management system is needed to be created and NIMS should concentrate on following areas (Walsh 7). Command and Management Human Resource Management Communication and information management Technological support Operation management Multiagency coordination system Question 3 National incident management system needs to work with incident command system (ICS) in order to fillip the scope of Area command. Command structure should be created in the following manner. (Source: Walsh 13) [Note: Above mentioned picture shows that command structure of EOC group can be bifurcated into two parts such as Agency executives and unified area command. Unified area command covers two types of commands such as unified command and incident command] Prevention (including Mitigation) NIMS needs to measure amount of physical and financial damage caused by disaster in the districts of Snellvill, Lawrenceville, Duluth & unincorporated Gwinnett regulatory in order to prevent further disruptions. In the prevention NIMS need to use following sources to foster the prevention activity. (Source: Walsh 14) Command structure should follow “Unified Command” structure in order to facilitate joint determination process. Strategic planning for resource allocation should be done in unified manner. Agencies will be appointed to resolve for utilizing resources (Walsh 25). Question 4 The overall strategic objective of NIMS is to ensure a systematic and effective mechanism for mitigating the ill effect of disaster. Strategic objectives can be underpinned in the following manner. Determining overall incident management strategy Integrating tactical operation with strategic objective Mainstream disaster management in pertinent areas such as Lawrenceville, Duluth, Snellville and Unincorporated Gwinnett. Creating joint planning for tactical activities (Walsh 26) Using available resources at optimum level Question 5 NIMS was focusing on removing debris, providing emergency service to affected people as a part of the initial command but now the equilibrium of the situation has changed after reports of traffic incidents revealed. Gwinnett County Emergency Management Agency needs to recruit more number of volunteers in order to help people affected by disaster. Initial command structure can be explained by following diagram. (Source: Walsh 29) The command structure should be elongated in order to resolve traffic problem. Addition traffic emergency workers can increase the strength of the structure. Initial command ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Disaster in Gwinnett County Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 Words.
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