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Plastic Pollution in oceans (marine Life) due to human activity. Research - Term Paper Example

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The term plastic is used to refer to carbon-based polymers that are artificial in nature and are made up of characteristics such as durability, low-price, and solid and very light in weight (Derraik 1). Plastic pollution is a term used to refer to the incident of buildup of…
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Plastic Pollution in oceans (marine Life) due to human activity. Research Paper
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Download file to see previous pages The pollution caused due to plastic is increasing at a very fast pace and that is because the demand for products produced through plastic is increasing day by day. According to Andrady 80 million tons of plastic and plastic waste is found in the marine regions throughout the globe (Andrady 1). There are various causes as well as harmful effects of plastic pollution in marine life, but at the same time several steps can be taken to solve the issue of oceanic regions being polluted due to plastic.
There are various causes due to which plastic pollution in oceans is experienced. One of these causes is that plastic enters the oceans and water in an indirect manner. There are many ways through which plastic can enter the water in an indirect manner. One of the most common ways is that plastic based garbage is left on the coastal areas by those individuals who are recognized as beachgoers. The problem is that water reaches the coastal areas and absorbs the plastic waste and travels back into the sea area along with plastic products. Another method through which plastic waste reaches the oceans is recognized as land runoff. This event takes place when huge amount of rain water moves plastic waste from the land area to the sea area. A third method through which plastic debris reaches the ocean is through the route of sewage. This means that plastic waste travels to the oceans when that waste is dumped in sewage and rivers which carries the waste to the sea. A fourth method through which plastic waste reaches oceans is through the heavy winds that blow plastic debris from land area to oceans (Andrady 1). According to Andrady, around 80% of the plastic waste or debris that is found in the oceans is caused due to the plastic waste that enters the oceans through indirect means such as littering of the coastal regions by those who are beachgoers (Andrady 1). Other than indirect transfer of plastic ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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