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Independente Movie Review - Essay Example

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These two are most visible features of plastic pollution. However, most issues resulting from plastic require learning and acquiring the essential…
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Independente Movie Review
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Extract of sample "Independente Movie Review"

Addicted to Plastic (Independent Movie Review) The most evident pollution from plastic is from single-use bags, usually stuck on trees and Styrofoam cups that line up the gutters. These two are most visible features of plastic pollution. However, most issues resulting from plastic require learning and acquiring the essential knowledge to solve these problems that result to pollution. Besides, it is also important to learn the meaning of the extraordinary words and acronyms such as PVC, BPA, phthalates, and other similar complex words, which helps in further understanding the problem of pollution by plastic. Each of these acronyms or words in plastic is synonymous with bad news to the world and the future generations. Nevertheless, a majority of people have failed to understand, or maybe ignored to investigate, the problems posed by continual use of plastic. Addicted to Plastic, a documentary by Ian Connacher, sought to educate people on plastic and its dangers.
This point of view documentary is excellent, fascinating, and fear provoking all in one package. Despite the documentary providing a viewer with some moments of humor, the music-video part in the documentary may seem tiresome to some individuals. Nevertheless, the video is a must-see not only to environmental enthusiasts, but also to every member of the society since the use of plastic is multifaceted. The movie took three years of work covering five continents, twelve countries, and two trips to the Pacific Ocean in effect detailing more than one hundred years of using plastic. In this case, the movie provides a history of plastic, provides experts analysis on issues related to toxicity, pollution, recycling of plastic, and biodegradability. In addition, the movie offers solutions to the plastic problem and highlights some of the measures people in some countries are taking in order to deal with the problems related to plastic.
One interesting thing from the movie that I liked was Ian Connacher’s use of facts and statistics to explain the problem of plastic, especially on its disposal in the ocean. In this case, Ian associated the toxins used in manufacturing of plastics to the rise of cancer levels and deaths in the world. Thus, viewers are able to realize the dangers that plastic posed to the entire world and take definitive steps aimed at preventing more deaths from cancer due to pollution by plastic. On the other hand, I agree with the documentarys concern on the overall effects of plastic on all ecosystems and each segment of human activities. In this regard, it is evident that plastic pollution has become an enormous problem in the developing and the developed nations. For this reason, there is hope from all countries visited that people are taking initiatives to deal with the threat posed by plastic. From Kenya, India, Australia, and America, it is evident that people identify the importance of checking on the effects of pollution by plastic on the world and the future generations. Nevertheless, the movie failed to capture various initiatives and policies, if any, by the governments from the countries visited regarding plastic pollution.
The amount of plastic in the sea and oceans is one thing that affected me while watching the movie. In this regard, humanity is punishing living things that have no idea whatsoever on plastic and pollution. Therefore, the documentary affected my views about the world that humanity satisfies its needs and wants without showing regard to other living things, or even the future generations. In addition, the film showed that each one of us is to blame for the problems associated with plastic that affect the contemporary world. If there is one most momentous thing that I have learned about my life, based on the movie, is on the impact I can make regarding the use of plastic in the world. In this case, I view my life as endangered due to the continual use of plastic.
In conclusion, I recommend the movie to each person in the planet regardless of their native country since we witness the effects of pollution everywhere on earth. In this case, the documentary will arouse the need of taking bold measures meant to prevent pollution from plastic. In effect, the world will be safe for all living things and preserved for posterity. Nevertheless, the only failure by the documentary, in my opinion, is its failure to capture the efforts by the governments from the countries visited towards plastic pollution.
Work Cited
Connacher, Ian, dir. Addicted to Plastic. Cryptic Moth Productions, 2007. Film. Read More
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